Valentine Freebies

love me do

I must confess, in the past I haven't embraced Valentine's Day with open arms. I always felt it ridiculous that a single day forced us to show affection to those whom we love. I thought, "Shouldn't we be showing love the other 364 days of the year too?" When I would walk down the seasonal aisles of stores to find giant stuffed gorillas holding "I'm bananas about you" hearts it just proved to me that all my notions about February 14th were … [Read more...]

Hearts… sewn… and dangling…

dangling hearts close up

I got this idea from a classy group affectionately known as "The Billing Ladies,"... you know who you are. Start with piles of three or four different sizes of hearts cut out of valentine paper.  Make sure you have an even number of each size.  If you have a Cri-cut machine this part is a snap.  I opted for the grassroots trace-and-cut method, which took a bit longer. Place two hearts of the same size together and, beginning at the point, … [Read more...]

Puff n’ Stuff

cream puff platter finished

The cream puff recipe that has been in my mom's recipe box since before I can remember is so well worn that it falls open on the counter like a snowflake. The slanted handwriting is so faded and the paper so yellowed that they are fast approaching the same shade.   I first discovered it in high school and have never looked back.  Below is the recipe for what I am confident you will think are the best cream puffs ever. In a medium saucepan, bring … [Read more...]

Out with the old… but then again


Ever have a calendar that was too beautiful to just toss after the year was over? Well here's a little idea to give new life to an old calendar. I had this botanical calendar that I absolutely loved. The illustrations were just too lovely to get rid of. All you need for this little project is an old calendar, some jute (or yarn, or string, if you prefer) and a handful of clothes pins. Cut out the pictures you want to use. I cut out all twelve … [Read more...]