bottle cap magnets

bottlecap magnets

  Some people dislike having a smattering of magnets and photos and concert ticket stubs and whatever plastered all over their fridge. I am not one of those people. I don't think fridges are particularly attractive, they're more like blank slates. Here is some of the crap that's on my fridge.... ...keys...and let's not forget our Papa Murphey's coupons.... ...a magnetic calendar (cuz I don't already have 3 other calendars in … [Read more...]

Snack On…and on and on and on

Snack On

Greetings Happy Looks Good On You readers! Today I have a delicious little recipe for you all. This was a recipe that my mom made whenever we went on a road trip or camping. It's the perfect snack, hence the name. Snack On 1/2 box rice chex 1/2 box golden grahams (i love golden grahams so I always put more) 1 cup cashews 1 cup slivered almonds 1 cup sunflower seeds Mix together in large bowl. Seriously it makes a ton so use a … [Read more...]

Room by Room: guest room transformation

black chandy

  I've been wanting to start a recurring segment called Room by Room where I take you on a tour of rooms (not just at my house) and showcase great decorating ideas, paint combinations, unique furniture, lighting, etc. I have been busy the last couple weeks working on this guest room makeover and I just finished it up last night so I thought this would be a great opening segment for Room by Room. This is my newly refinished guest … [Read more...]

lamp linky

leg lamp

  Mandi over at Vintage Revivals is having a lamp linky party! ┬áCome and see all the amazing lamps! And if you haven't ever been to her blog you definitely need to check it all. You will die at all the amazing stuff she does! Seriously. Die.   … [Read more...]

tulips, tulips everywhere!

tulips! tulips! tulips!

  Wow, I have totally been a bit of a blogging loser this past week. Sorry. I have no excuses. It was just one of those weeks when I pretty much sucked at everything. But I do have a great centerpiece idea for you all! As mentioned previously (numerous times) I have a hoarding problem with vases and jars. So I went to my trusty collection and pulled some out.   Filled em with some water and set on this mirror that my wonderful … [Read more...]

{whimsy} wrap up

all whimsy

I had every intention of posting this on friday, but life got in the way and it just didn't happen. Whatcha gonna do? Such is life, right? So here is the final installment of I've had a really fantastic time. I hope you've all enjoyed it as well. This was my mantle pre-whimsy...     And here it is post whimsy... What do ya think?   I decided this would be a good place to display some … [Read more...]

{whimsy} origins & painted rug

whimsy lantern

  As whimsy week rolls on I thought we'd get to the roots of it all. Behold. This is the absolutely incredible whimsical lantern that started this whole sha-bang.   While perusing through Ross (a great store full of this and that) with Alison we came across this lighting gem. After a little flip-flopping on my part (not sure why, what was there to consider? I mean, look at it!) Alison's compelling argument of how amazing … [Read more...]

mantle {whimsy}

whimsical lantern

  Welcome back! Today I have a couple small projects I did to enhance the whimsy on my mantle. First, I took a tea light lantern and gave it a little whimsification. I removed the glass panels then spray painted the lantern.     I took the glass panels and traced an outline onto tissue paper.   Then, using mod podge, I glued the tissue paper to the glass. Once it dried I put a coat of mod podge … [Read more...]

wall of {whimsy}

wall of whimsy

  Welcome to the 2nd installment of Whimsy Week! I'm gonna jump right into it. This is what we lovingly refer to as The Green Room. For obvious reasons, I'm sure. For quite a number of years it's been full of plants (they will never leave, I love them so) and garden posters and prints. I've loved it, but it's just time for a change. And a splash of whimsy. Before...... After.......   Loving it!!! You? I … [Read more...]