preview of coming attractions!

raven sneak peek

  Hello fabulous readers! Just a quick little hello and a sneak peek of coming attractions! The fall/halloween season is knockin' on the door (even though we've been having upper 90 degree temps the past week) and I couldn't be happier! About fall not the ridiculously hot weather. I've … [Read more...]

From the Kitchen: saturday brunch

mango berry salsa

  Is there anything better than brunch? I think brunch translates into "lazy, relaxing morning with delicious food" Well, we had such a morning on saturday and it was incredible. I really love to cook and bake. And I also love to try new recipes. The saturday brunch menu was poppy seed … [Read more...]

disneyland countdown

Mickey tag

  Disneyland. My absolute favorite place EVER! I love it! It really is the most magical place on Earth. The sights, the sounds, the smells, oh I could go on and on. How many places could cause a childish smirky smile such as this? I believe this is my first appearance here at Happy … [Read more...]

i give you…the fabulous painted piano!


  Say hello to my piano. It's ugly. Well I think so anyway. In fact, I've thought it ugly for years. And I've wanted to paint it for at least one of those years but it was a little (a lot) intimidating and I just wasn't sure where to start. At the beginning of summer I made a … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect: redfish lake


  One of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Love it.   Also, today I'm linking to a couple linky parties today: -¬†Night Owl Crafting - kojo designs   Until next time.... -Meg   … [Read more...]

alice in wonderland party!

table 2

  Oh, I've been so excited to share this post! Last month we had an Alice In Wonderland party and it was amazing! Seriously, AMAZING! And the reason it has taken me a month to get it posted is because that's how long it has taken me to narrow down which pictures to use. I had over a hundred, … [Read more...]

Angry Birds attack your coffee table!

mt. dew and angry birds

Whoa, it's good to be back! Last week my hard drive crashed. Bad times. We had to get a new one put in so I was out of commission most of the week. And thanks to an amazing program called Time Machine it was a snap to restore all my files to my iMac. Yep, I'm an Apple fan all the way. Ok, so who … [Read more...]

pie party!

front yard

Here in Utah we have a statewide holiday on July 24th. It sorta extends all the fun and ease of the 4th of July to last all month long. My town has a celebration that lasts ALL day long. Breakfast, 5K run, parade, baby show, program, booths, food, mutton bustin', dance, you name it. Until recently, … [Read more...]