preview of coming attractions!

raven sneak peek

  Hello fabulous readers! Just a quick little hello and a sneak peek of coming attractions! The fall/halloween season is knockin' on the door (even though we've been having upper 90 degree temps the past week) and I couldn't be happier! About fall not the ridiculously hot weather. I've already been working on some halloween projects that are going to be fantastic, I hope. Here's a little sneak peek of some of said … [Read more...]

From the Kitchen: saturday brunch

mango berry salsa

  Is there anything better than brunch? I think brunch translates into "lazy, relaxing morning with delicious food" Well, we had such a morning on saturday and it was incredible. I really love to cook and bake. And I also love to try new recipes. The saturday brunch menu was poppy seed pancakes with either lemon custard sauce or sweet mango berry salsa. Wow, was it ever yummy! Doesn't this mango berry salsa look amazing?! Well it … [Read more...]

disneyland countdown

Mickey tag

  Disneyland. My absolute favorite place EVER! I love it! It really is the most magical place on Earth. The sights, the sounds, the smells, oh I could go on and on. How many places could cause a childish smirky smile such as this? I believe this is my first appearance here at Happy Looks Good On You. (maybe should have picked a better photo, but this one is bursting with Disney magic:) My honey and I are heading to said magical … [Read more...]

i give you…the fabulous painted piano!


  Say hello to my piano. It's ugly. Well I think so anyway. In fact, I've thought it ugly for years. And I've wanted to paint it for at least one of those years but it was a little (a lot) intimidating and I just wasn't sure where to start. At the beginning of summer I made a "to-do" list, like I always do even though most summers I don't get through even half of my list. "Paint Piano" was towards the top of my list. And here we … [Read more...]

alice in wonderland party!

table 2

  Oh, I've been so excited to share this post! Last month we had an Alice In Wonderland party and it was amazing! Seriously, AMAZING! And the reason it has taken me a month to get it posted is because that's how long it has taken me to narrow down which pictures to use. I had over a hundred, it was nuts. Is there any movie more whimsical than Alice In Wonderland? I think not. So, of course, the party had to be bursting with … [Read more...]

Angry Birds attack your coffee table!

mt. dew and angry birds

Whoa, it's good to be back! Last week my hard drive crashed. Bad times. We had to get a new one put in so I was out of commission most of the week. And thanks to an amazing program called Time Machine it was a snap to restore all my files to my iMac. Yep, I'm an Apple fan all the way. Ok, so who else is absolutely in love with this little game called Angry Birds?!   It's one of the funnest games I have on my iPhone and I love … [Read more...]

pie party!

front yard

Here in Utah we have a statewide holiday on July 24th. It sorta extends all the fun and ease of the 4th of July to last all month long. My town has a celebration that lasts ALL day long. Breakfast, 5K run, parade, baby show, program, booths, food, mutton bustin', dance, you name it. Until recently, one of the funtivities of the day was a pie stand. People would bring homemade pies to sell and they were the best pies I've ever had. Well the health … [Read more...]