house of {halloween}

specimen art-bats

  "When witches go riding, And black cats are seen, The moon laughs and whispers, 'Tis near Halloween." In deed it is, halloween is lurking in the shadows! Today I thought I would show you our house of halloween. Ready for the tour? Let's get started shall we? This year I have tried really hard to vamp up my porch with all the holidays. I know it's not fabulous, but at least I'm moving in the right direction. This is my … [Read more...]

from the kitchen: puffed rice balls

wrapped puffed rice

  My mom was a single mom who worked full time and raised two kids. I'm sure after working a long day the last thing she wanted to do when she got home was make treats in the kitchen, but that's what we did. It was kind of our thing. We were always making treats and goodies. I'm sure my affinity for food is a direct result of those countless hours spent in the kitchen. My mom had a talent for making holidays special for me and my … [Read more...]

owl + halloween = lamp

lamp base

  So a few (probably more like 7) months ago my dear friend, Alison, and I made these fabulous mad hatter lamps. And I said I had found an owl that was inspiring me to make a halloween version. This is said owl. Isn't he cute? Oh how I wish I had taken a before picture of him. (what's wrong with me?!! grrrrr.) I picked him up at the thrift store for fifty cents. He was a toothbrush holder (you can sorta see the holes … [Read more...]

something wicked this way comes

something wicked...

  Greetings and a happy monday to you all! What a fabulous fall weekend it was! The air was crisp and yummy, the sun was shining and as I picked apples from our weighed down trees I wondered where the first half of October has gone. Can anyone tell me? I feel as if my October to-do list is still a mile long. Guess I'll really have to kick it into gear the next couple weeks. Today I wanted to share a halloween print with you. … [Read more...]

halloween silhouette plates


  Halloween is creeping closer.... Are you ready? Need a quick and easy halloween project? You do? Well you're in luck because it just so happens that's exactly what I've got for ya! It's so quick and easy, in fact, you could make it this weekend. All you need is some white plates from the dollar store and black vinyl. (no, you don't need a vinyl cutting machine.) These little beauties can be completed in just 3 easy … [Read more...]

halloween countdown


  After spending a whole week at Disneyland and suffering from some vacation hangover related illness I'm back with some more great halloween ideas! How about a halloween countdown? I ┬ámade this last year and kinda forgot about it until I got my decorations out and it was like a fantastic halloween surprise! Does that happen to anyone else? This was such a fun project to make, time consuming, but fun. This countdown starts … [Read more...]