last minutes ideas: decorating with ornaments

ornament place setting

  Christmas is a week away! Holy moly! I don't want it to come yet. I'm ready as far as shopping and planning goes, but I'm just not ready for the season to be over. I want a few more weeks to enjoy it. More time to sit in my squashy armchair with a cup of cocoa while I enjoy the music and the tree... ...more time for treat making... ...and I'm pretty sure that I need to watch all my Christmas movies at least once more, if … [Read more...]

mah na mah na


  I've been so excited so share these with you! Muppet Balls! Aren't they fantastic?! After I made the superhero ornaments I started thinking about other possibilities. We had just seen The Muppets so I had them on the creative brain. I love the Muppets. I grew up in a Muppet home. ...None of my family members were Muppets, we just watched a lot of The Muppet Show and Muppet movies.   I made these the same … [Read more...]

christmas porch

door hanger

  The weather couldn't have been more perfect this morning as I was outside snapping some pictures of the front porch. The snow was gently falling and it was lovely. All of my porch decorations came from items I already had. It's pretty simple and I love it.   This old sled and metal tub are perfect for a little holiday cheer. That sled is actually from my childhood.   I cut some pine branches and … [Read more...]

music monday: christmas music galore!

18- Joy To The World

  It's already been discussed how much I love music and Christmas music is no exception. I've done a few music mondays with Christmas recommendations already, but I have so much holiday music that I thought I'd just give you all a monster list of my favorite albums. I often hear people complain about hearing the same songs over and over during this time of year. There are so many different styles of Christmas music out there. I just … [Read more...]

2 for 1: diy tree topper & divinity recipe


  It's a 2 for 1 day here at Happy Looks Good On You! You lucky ducks, you. I'll start with an easy DIY tree topper then share the amazing-ness that is divinity. (My mouth is watering just thinking about divinity.)   Part I: tree topper Pick up an old book from the thrift store and rip out a bunch of pages. I used two sizes of pages for my tree topper. I tore the pages in half for the larger cones and then in half … [Read more...]

christmas mantle

ornaments under glass cloche

  Happy Holidays everyone!! I love to change my holiday decor and try new ideas every year, but sometimes that can get a little pricey. So I try to use things I already have. This year I completely changed my mantle, but only spent about ten bucks. I'll show you what I did and hopefully give you a few tips for some inexpensive holiday decorating. All of the vases and glassware were items I already had on hand, but when I did … [Read more...]

superhero ornaments

superman ornament

When I was a kid, my mom had a Christmas tradition of giving my brother and I each a new ornament every year. They were always very fitting of our personalities and hobbies. It was something I looked forward to the most every holiday season. When we'd put our tree up my mom would hand a small package to each of us and, even though we knew it was an ornament, the excitement was almost too much. My mom never stopped giving us ornaments, it … [Read more...]

twinkle light lamp….it’s a major award!

twinkle lamp

  Happy December! I can't believe it's already here. Among other festivities, this time of year also dons those fantastic christmas movies that you watch over and over again and could pretty much quote from start to finish. Such movie for us is A Christmas Story. It's got to be one of thee funniest movies of all time! And is there a better part than the infamous leg lamp? I think not. "It's a major … [Read more...]