string of flowers

string of flowers

  It's not really that surprising that I've made yet another garland, is it? This one is full of color and screams spring. Just what we need. So remember my turquoise ladder? I initially made it for my Christmas advent calendar, but knew I would use it all year long. It was so happy … [Read more...]

music monday: it’s raining beatles!

The Beatles Love

  I love music. As I've previously mentioned. My absolute favorite band is The Beatles. I mean, seriously, is there anything like em?     Thanks to my wonderful friend Rea, Curtis and I were able to see Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles on saturday night in Salt Lake. … [Read more...]

peep show!

indiana peep

  Every year The Washington Post has a Peeps Diorama Contest. If you haven't ever seen Peep dioramas you seriously need to get on their website and look at them. They are hilarious! They have pictures from all the past Peep diorama entries and once you start looking at them you just can't … [Read more...]

spring project flashback

spring banner

  Hello there. Just little 'ol me with a few spring projects for you. These were posted here at Happy Looks Good On You last year. Just in case you missed them the first time around. Spring Banner   Book Page Eggs   Little Birdie Tea Lights   Glitter … [Read more...]

paper chandelier

paper chandelier

  Hello to you all. I spent last week visiting Alison and as a result of all the ridiculous amounts of fun we had, not to mention some pretty late nights, I'm suffering from the biggest fun hangover of my life. But I regret nothing!! It was so fantastic! The fact that our husbands … [Read more...]

plant propagation 101

philodendron cutting

  prop·a·ga·tion 1. multiplication or increase. 2. the process of spreading to a larger area or greater number. Or as I like to call it, getting more plants from the ones you already have. I love house plants. I have over sixty of them. Yep, six zero. Today I've got an easy tutorial … [Read more...]

diy book lamp

book lamp

  I got this idea from Pinterest and have been wanting to make it for months. Well, I finally got it made and p.s. I'm in love! Have you ever seen such a fantastic lamp!?!   I had a really fun time making this lamp. I've made quite a few lamps in my day, but none quite … [Read more...]

i {heart} garlands


    Happy Friday everyone! And happy March! Hopefully we can start getting some spring weather....sometime. This snow has got to go. I know I've said this before, but I love garlands. Love. Love. Love! Garlands seem to be my go-to for everything. Parties. Holidays. Everyday … [Read more...]