a simple vignette


  So every once in awhile I get bored with decorations in my house and I have to just switch it up. Sometimes it's almost like a compulsive need. Anyone else have that? Am I just nutburgers? (and yes, that's a real thing. Liz Lemon says so.) Anywho...most of the time I use things I … [Read more...]

framed quote for the new dining room

life that is waiting quote

  Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Earlier this year, I shared this quote by Joseph Campbell and decided it would be my theme for 2012. If you missed it feel free to jump back and check it out. I knew I wanted this quote to hang in my new dining and with … [Read more...]

let there be light! diy votives

paper votives

Go ahead and take a minute to admire how stinking cute these candle votives are....   I'm totally crazy about them! I got a Michael's gift card for my birthday from some of my awesome family (wink wink, you know who you are) and, naturally, couldn't wait to use it. I found a few … [Read more...]

music monday: the latest spins


  Hey hey! I've got more great music for ya! These two albums have been getting a lot of spins this past week. This album is absolutely beautiful! Yuna has real artistry. I can't even recommend a few faves on the album to start with because every single song is delicious. See for … [Read more...]

dry erase dinner menu

menu board

  I've been home a week since having spent ten days in Seattle with my brother and his family. Had a great time with the kids and met my brand new nephew who is so stinking cute I wanted to bring him home with me. I've had big plans to get posts up, but seems like the week was just too busy … [Read more...]

the straight stitch: spring pillows

spring pillows

  Ever feel like creating something without having to follow the rules? I think most creations fall into that, but sewing especially for me. I'm not very good at sewing, am mostly self-taught and I can't read patterns. Well, at least, I don't think I can. I've never actually tried. I just … [Read more...]

music monday: one of seattle’s finest

brandi carlile

  Since I'm spending some time in the Seattle area visiting family I thought my music recommendation today should come from a local gal. Does that mean this is my first post "on location"? That makes me sound so much cooler than I actually am. Brandi Carlile is an "anytime artist" … [Read more...]

hombre paper mobiles

hombre mobile

  How are you loving the hombre style? I love it and have been wanting to do an hombre inspired project for awhile. So I whipped up these little beauties the other night. Super easy. Super cheap. I used four different colors of green and bought one 12 x 12 sheet of each color. … [Read more...]

spring flowers….tra la la la la

yellow tulips

They say it's May That's made me daft as a daisy It's May, they say That gave the whole world this crazy Heavenly, hazy hue I love that song. Anyone else know that Blossom Dearie song? There is definitely something about spring that makes life just seem wonderful. The way the winter cold … [Read more...]