just a couple of fall wreaths

coffee filter wreath

  Fall cannot get here soon enough. I am not someone who wants summer to last forever. Nope. Fall is my favorite time of year and it never seems to last long enough. If I had my way, I would shave a month off of summer and give it to fall. Ahhh, what a lovely thought.... These wreaths are fantastically fall and couldn't be easier to make. This one is made from coffee filters!   I folded coffee filters in half and hot … [Read more...]

secret book…with a surprise

secret book

  This secret book thing was one of those projects that I was pretty to excited to embark upon, but by the end, was ready to be done. Ya know the kind I mean? If (more like when) I make one of these again I will do things a bit differently that, hopefully, will make it easier. So I pass my wisdom onto any of you who may also be interested in embarking on a project such as this. With that said, I am happy with it and think it's … [Read more...]

cork stamp art

cork stamp art

  I love those projects that are so simple yet pack a punch. Like, for example, this cork stamp art that I'm totally loving.   The beauty about this project is that it could be any size you like. As you can see, mine is rather large. Here's how I made mine. I started with some plain brown paper. The kind that is usually meant for packing.   Using spray adhesive, I glued my brown paper to a piece of … [Read more...]

paper cone garland

book page paper cone garland

  So ya know how I love.... ...garlands? ...paper projects? ...using book pages? Check, check and yes. Well here's a three-for-one deal. I combined three of my favorite things into one fantastic little project! A book page paper cone garland! (to hang by my book page paper balls. i may have a problem.)   To begin, using a glass from the cupboard, I traced and cut out circles from an old book. Then I cut … [Read more...]

pool noodle garland

pool noodle garland

  I absolutely love garlands, but it's hard to find one that can hold up outside. So I decided I needed to start with something that was made to get wet. Pool noodles!! I picked up three pool noodles from the dollar store and cut each one with scissors. Here is my pile of noodle bits.   Then using a large needle and string I strung them together. And now I have a lovely pool noodle garland that I don't have to … [Read more...]

music monday: isles of wonder

Isles of Wonder

  So you've probably noticed that I haven't posted much over the past week. And this is why; the Olympics. I love, love, love the Olympics and absolutely cannot get enough! So, as a result, I haven't been getting much else done. Here are a few pictures from the fabulous Opening Ceremonies.           The music from the Opening Ceremonies is absolutely stunning and is … [Read more...]

diy pet food tray

maggie's tray

  As many of you know, we have been working on a massive dining room makeover for the past six months. Yeah, it's been a little slow-going. So I figured that our little schnauzer, Maggie, needed a new "dining area" too. This is Maggie. And yes, we are aware that she is possibly the cutest little fuzz face of all time.   I decided to make a little tray for her food and water. In my craft room I have a bunch of … [Read more...]