halloween party!

buzz & iron man pumpkins

  Halloween Greetings! This past weekend we had a fantastic Halloween party with our family and good times were had! We all donned our costumes and ate waaay too many delicious treats. Here's the evidence of said … [Read more...]

calling all Whovians!

doctor who magnets

  So here's how it is. Doctor Who is the best television show of all time in the history of ever. I know, I know, such a bold statement. But I believe it to be true. Curt and I started watching Doctor Who last year and became hooked almost immediately. Let's be honest, the British know how … [Read more...]

candy corn garland

candy corn garland

  With Halloween right around the corner, how about a quick and easy garland?   Here's the candy corn garland makin' supplies.   Step 1: Draw the candy corn shape onto a book page.   Step 2: Color. Who doesn't love … [Read more...]

halloween images from the graphics fairy

skeleton bones

  Today I'm going to talk about a website that you may or may not already be aware of. The Graphics Fairy.   Have you heard of it? Have you been to the site? Well it is absolutely amazing! You can find thousands of free vintage images and project ideas. I made a spooky little … [Read more...]

sherlock pillows

sherlock pillows

  I just can't seem to get enough of Sherlock Holmes. I love both of Guy Ritchie's movies. I love BBC's Sherlock. I've even watched the first couple episodes of CBS's own version of a modern day Sherlock Holmes, Elementary, fulling expecting to hate it, but it was alright. Nothing … [Read more...]

halloween cup lights

halloween cup lights

  Are you planning a Halloween party? Curtis and I are having a family Halloween party and I've started to decorate our basement for the oncoming funtivities. I made these Halloween cup lights a few years ago, but I still love them. I can't think of an easier or cheaper or more … [Read more...]

music monday: october feast

music monday logo 500w

    I've got another playlist for ya today. How about a little october feast? Summer is over and we're ushering in a new season. This is a perfect mix for the chilly mornings, the crisp days and the darkening evenings.  october feast 1. Pride - Syntax2. Mad World - Gary Jules3. … [Read more...]

the weekly rave

angry birds star wars

    I'm really loving ADELE's latest song from the upcoming James Bond movie. Also, really looking forward to the movie.   I absolutely love this ghostly edition of a family picture wall from Tatertots & Jello.   Have you heard? Angry Birds and Star Wars are … [Read more...]

halloween movie line-up

the nightmare before christmas

  What holiday season would be complete without holiday movies? Is there anything better than making a delicious holiday treat and curling up with a blanket to watch a fantastic movie? I should think not. Here are 15 favorites of … [Read more...]

halloween porch & harlequin sign

halloween porch

  Say hello to my Halloween porch. "Hello porch!"   The bats are cut out of cardstock and I attached them using Command Strips (which means no sticky tape residue when it's time to come down).   I tore out a few pages from a thrift store book to line the … [Read more...]