book page hallway


I have been bored to death with my hallway for months. I thought about painting it, but that just didn’t feel creative enough. I wanted to do something…more.

Here’s my hallway before, your basic boring.


Here it is now! Yep, floor to ceiling book pages!



Is it over-the-top dramatic?

Uh huh.

Is it totally nuts?


Bordering on crazy?

You betcha.

Do I love it?






Once the hallway was finished I decided it’d be the perfect home for my hombre paper mobiles.





This is about half of the book pages I used. It took more than I thought it would. I used pages from eight different books to have a good variety of page size, font size and coloring. All the books came from either the thrift store or a book exchange and it took about seven rolls of Scotch tape. All in all, this project cost me less than one gallon of paint.


I just used tape to stick them on. Each page has two pieces of tape; one across the top and one rolled up piece on the back at the bottom.





I’m thinking about hanging a collage of empty frames on the wall. Thoughts?


Until next time….


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  • Jeannine Dean

    Wow, since I’m currently doing a similar project (on a MUCH smaller scale) I can, with much certainty, say you’re nuts! In a good way, but nuts. This looks great but I know takes quite a bit of time. Good for you for going for it. I LOVE books and it’s great to be surrounded by them. Great post!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  • Robyn Braegger

    HA!  What fun!  I can’t wait to see it in person.  Ummm a little conspiracy theory-ish but very cool.  I’d love to get together for project time and make one of those awesome penny trays- lets do it!

    • HappyLooksGoodonYou

      Conspiracy theory, yeah I’m kind of getting a lot of that. In fact, Alison called just to make sure I was “ok and hadn’t lost it”. Let me know when you want to craft it up.

  • Rachel Ward

    Such a fun idea!  I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle.  Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button.  Thanks! 

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