paint pen ampersand

paint pen ampersand

  Ever since my ampersand marquee light I've been a little bit obsessed with ampersands. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I simply cannot get enough. And paint pens. I've decided I need to do more projects involving paint pens. They're just so stinkin' fun to use.   I started with a piece of scrap wood I rummaged out of the garage. I wanted the wood grain to show through so I painted on a light layer of white … [Read more...]

music monday: cover up

music monday logo 500w

      I love a good cover song. I enjoy hearing another musician's take on a song that I'm already familiar with. I imagine it would take guts to cover an already famous song. I've compiled a playlist with 45 of my favorite covers. Enjoy! Cover Up 1. Love Is Blindness - Jack White2. Hurt - Johnny Cash3. Sweet Caroline - Elvis Presley4. One - Information Society5. I Am The Walrus - Bono6. Let My Love Open The Door - … [Read more...]

the weekly rave

the weekly rave

          Yes! The time is upon us once again for Cadbury Mini Eggs! Why is it that the Easter season has the best candy?     The scratchy raw sounds of vinyl simply cannot be outdone. This wonderful little app for the iPhone duplicates that nostalgic sound with any songs in your iTunes library. Almost as good as the real thing.   If you live in the Salt Lake area and have … [Read more...]

paper feather art

paper feathers

  Say hello to the latest addition in my gallery wall. Hello you lovely little paper feathers.   There's just something about these little beauties that puts a smile on my face.   To start, I picked out 3 rather vibrant pieces of scrapbooking paper from my stash. This paper is just one-sided.   And since I don't have a fancy silhouette machine (shakes fist in the air) I did this old school. … [Read more...]

do what you {love} what you do

do what you love sign

  Hello all you fantastic HLGOY readers! Meg here, wondering how everone's March is going so far. Mine is much less springy than I would like. I can't take any more snow. I need to walk outside, without a coat and preferably in flip flops, and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Hopefully by the end of the month...fingers crossed. I love what I do. I'm specifically talking about blogging. It has been an amazing adventure over the … [Read more...]

music monday: edith piaf

the very best of edith piaf

  Edith Piaf was a French singer who became widely regarded as France's national popular singer. She sang and dazzled crowds in Europe, the United States and South America for almost thirty years. Listening to her music transfers you to another time and place. I would love to get an LP of her music. That raw vintage sound that can only be captured on vinyl. I would light some candles, settle in with a cup of tea and play it until the … [Read more...]

c’mon spring! {a free spring printable}

spring print-blog

    Happy March 1st!   no winter lasts forever no spring skips it's turn                                         -hal borland  Even though it's not yet spring here (we still have a foot of snow in our yard) March signals the beginning. The snow melts, we get those spring teaser days and usually some lovely spring rain. It also seems like it signals new beginnings, a fresh start. Spring is perfection in every … [Read more...]

diy wall art

diy art

  Confession. I don't always "get" art. Like the fancy-in-a-museum-selling-for-thousands-of-dollars art. Most of the time I'm looking at it and thinking "My 5 year old nephew could have done this." That's just one of the reasons why I love the idea of diy art. Because then it's personal, one-of-a-kind and has specific meaning to you. I've been wanting to make some for our home, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. I've … [Read more...]

caravan chalk art: fortune favors the brave

caravan shoppe chalk art

  I've raved about the Caravan Shoppe before, but now that I actually have one of their prints I'm more in love than ever. Last week I purchased and downloaded Fortune's Favor World Map. Staples will print out a 36 x 48 size for about $8.00. How fantastic is that?!   This map is exactly what this wall needed. Here it is before. A little bare.   See? So much better.     I'm already … [Read more...]

industrial love

orange floor lamp

  It's no secret by now that I am obsessed with industrial style everything. I love it all and I want to put it all in my home. Sometimes when I'm working on projects or changing things in my home I want it all done RIGHT NOW! Yeah, patience is something I have to constantly work on. Fortunately, we have Pinterest and I can pin all the things and styles I love to my heart's content, then when I can make/afford to do more I already have my … [Read more...]