caravan chalk art: fortune favors the brave

caravan shoppe chalk art

  I've raved about the Caravan Shoppe before, but now that I actually have one of their prints I'm more in love than ever. Last week I purchased and downloaded Fortune's Favor World Map. Staples will print out a 36 x 48 size for about $8.00. How fantastic is that?!   This map is exactly what this wall needed. Here it is before. A little bare.   See? So much better.     I'm already … [Read more...]

industrial love

orange floor lamp

  It's no secret by now that I am obsessed with industrial style everything. I love it all and I want to put it all in my home. Sometimes when I'm working on projects or changing things in my home I want it all done RIGHT NOW! Yeah, patience is something I have to constantly work on. Fortunately, we have Pinterest and I can pin all the things and styles I love to my heart's content, then when I can make/afford to do more I already have my … [Read more...]

puxatony phil can’t be trusted

mirror tile frame slideshow image

  Regardless of whether Puxatony Phil sees his shadow or not, here in Northern Utah we always have six more weeks of winter. Always. And boy, it's been a doozy this year. We haven't had these amounts of snow in years. Here's some pictures from around our yard.   Although I do enjoy winter and the snow, around this time each year I come down with a case of spring fever. It starts to feel like it … [Read more...]

music monday: of monsters and men

of monsters and men

  I've had this album by Of Monsters And Men for months and have dabbled in it here and there, but in the past two weeks I feel like I've really discovered it. It's quite rare anymore to have an album that can be listened from start to finish and every track enjoyed. This album is so solid in every way; great melodies and brilliant song writing. It keeps me singing the songs long after the music stops. My personal faves on the album are … [Read more...]

thrift store score! mid-century modern glasses

mid-century modern glasses

  In addition to all things industrial, I've also been really into mid-century modern design lately. I'm blaming Mad Men for this as I've been watching a fair amount of that show as of late. There aren't many things in life I enjoy more than thrifting. I love searching for abandoned treasures, dusting them off and giving them a new life. Last week, while at the thrift store, I came across these beauties and I almost did a little dance. … [Read more...]

coffee table decorating & a few tips

coffee table decor

  Let's chat coffee tables, shall we? I'm convinced that whoever invented the coffee table just wanted a great place to display awesome stuff. A focal point of the room, a conversation piece. There are about a gazillion different types of coffee tables and infinitely more ways to style and decorate them. My favorite thing about coffee tables is how easily you can change them up. And for someone who seems to be constantly changing her home … [Read more...]

diy industrial art

diy industrial art

    In an attempt to add more industrial elements into my home I decided to make some easy industrial art.   I started with a piece of packing cardboard.   And a whole lotta thumbtacks.   I drew the outline of an "A" onto the cardboard and thought I'd go from there.   Then I started pushing in the thumbtacks.   Once I had the outline of the "A" I then … [Read more...]

paper airplane garland

let's have adventures

    My love for garlands is no secret. And I thought it about time I made a paper airplane garland.   Here's my pile of planes, I used old book pages. I hadn't folded a paper airplane for so long I had to have Curt give me a little refresher course. He also kept giving me tips on how to make the planes more aerodynamic. I had to keep reminding him that it didn't matter.   Once the planes were folded, … [Read more...]

music monday: latest song obsession

marc scibilia

  So, sometimes when I discover a new song that I love I can listen to it over and over again. Well I have just such a song for you today. Curtis and I were watching some Bones this past weekend and this song was in an episode. A quick Shazam later and I have my latest favorite song. It's called How Bad We Need Each Other by Marc Scibilia and I dare you to take a listen and not enjoy it.     You can listen to the … [Read more...]