Room by Room: guest room transformation

black chandy

  I've been wanting to start a recurring segment called Room by Room where I take you on a tour of rooms (not just at my house) and showcase great decorating ideas, paint combinations, unique furniture, lighting, etc. I have been busy the last couple weeks working on this guest room makeover … [Read more...]

lamp linky

leg lamp

  Mandi over at Vintage Revivals is having a lamp linky party!  Come and see all the amazing lamps! And if you haven't ever been to her blog you definitely need to check it all. You will die at all the amazing stuff she does! Seriously. Die.   … [Read more...]

tulips, tulips everywhere!

tulips! tulips! tulips!

  Wow, I have totally been a bit of a blogging loser this past week. Sorry. I have no excuses. It was just one of those weeks when I pretty much sucked at everything. But I do have a great centerpiece idea for you all! As mentioned previously (numerous times) I have a hoarding problem with … [Read more...]

{whimsy} wrap up

all whimsy

I had every intention of posting this on friday, but life got in the way and it just didn't happen. Whatcha gonna do? Such is life, right? So here is the final installment of I've had a really fantastic time. I hope you've all enjoyed it as well. This was my mantle … [Read more...]

{whimsy} origins & painted rug

whimsy lantern

  As whimsy week rolls on I thought we'd get to the roots of it all. Behold. This is the absolutely incredible whimsical lantern that started this whole sha-bang.   While perusing through Ross (a great store full of this and that) with Alison we came across this lighting gem. … [Read more...]

mantle {whimsy}

whimsical lantern

  Welcome back! Today I have a couple small projects I did to enhance the whimsy on my mantle. First, I took a tea light lantern and gave it a little whimsification. I removed the glass panels then spray painted the lantern.     I took the glass panels and traced an … [Read more...]

wall of {whimsy}

wall of whimsy

  Welcome to the 2nd installment of Whimsy Week! I'm gonna jump right into it. This is what we lovingly refer to as The Green Room. For obvious reasons, I'm sure. For quite a number of years it's been full of plants (they will never leave, I love them so) and garden posters and … [Read more...]

{whimsical} Music Monday: Leave Your Sleep

Natalie Merchant-Leave Your Sleep

  Good morning and welcome to This week Happy Looks Good On You will be full of projects and ideas on how to whimsify your life. We'll start with our whimsical Music Monday. I've got a real treat for you today. Natalie Merchant's Leave Your Sleep is dripping with honey-coated whimsy. An … [Read more...]

National WAOF Day

Twin Typewriters w/Flowers

My dear friend Megan and I live approximately 598.86 miles apart and have existed this way for 270 days... but who's counting?  Fortunately I have it on good authority (and by that I mean an unofficial site on the world wide web) that April 27 is National Write An Old Friend (WAOF) Day.  Finally, a … [Read more...]

cute-ify clothes pins & whimsy sneak peek

paper covered clothes pins

Hello Happy Looks Good On You readers! I've got a quick and easy little project for you on this cold and stormy friday then I'll be spending the weekend getting everything ready for Whimsy Week. And trust me, you do not want to miss Whimsy Week. I've got amazing stuff to show you! Until then, … [Read more...]