hand-drawn arrow art


  I've seen arrows popping up in design elements recently and I find myself thoroughly enjoying them. So I thought I'd give it a go.   This is a wooden box lid. As I've stated before, I have a bunch of lids that I don't use with the storage boxes so I use them in various crafty projects. But a canvas would work wonderfully for this project too.   First, I gave the lid a nice coat of white … [Read more...]

the weekly rave

hydroflask water bottles

    Welcome to another weekly rave! I've got some goo-od stuff for you today! Meet the last water bottle you will ever need. I have tried LOTS of different kinds of water bottles and every single one has the same flaws; condensation on the outside of the bottle and doesn't keep water cold all day. These Hydro Flask bottles will keep your water cold ALL day long (even if left in the car) and zero condensation on the bottle. No … [Read more...]

when pigs fly…


  Say hello to Winston. Hello Winston!   So it goes like this... I've been looking for a flying pig statue forever. Seriously forever. And just so we're clear, when I say "flying pig statue"  in absolutely no way do I mean this.     Yikes! Last week I had some extra time to kill so I decided to pop into TJ Maxx and do a little browsing. I love that store! I like to think of it as a high end … [Read more...]

mad men inspired glasses

mad men glasses

  Look at these great little drinking glasses!   They were inspired by the scotch glasses often seen in the hands of Don Draper of Mad Men. Every time I seen him get a drink, which is often, I'm reminded how fantastic the glasses are.   I started by picking up a set of glasses from the thrift store.   I really wanted the metallic stripe around the glass to be much thinner, but because of the … [Read more...]

diy laundry soap

diy laundry soap

  About a year and a half ago I became interested in making my own laundry detergent. Mostly because I think laundry detergent is way over-priced. After searching around the web, I found a recipe that seemed like it'd be a good one. So many recipes I saw were for a liquid detergent and therefore required a lot of storage. I'm talking gallons and gallons. This recipe is highly concentrated and only requires about a dozen quart jars for … [Read more...]

music monday: the odd life of timothy green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! And to you Whovians, I hope you enjoyed the new Doctor Who episode. Curt & I loved it! Also, happy April 1st! A few weeks ago, Alison and I watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green. What a great movie, we both really enjoyed it. Put it on the list and prepare to be heart-warmed! When I watch movies I always pay attention to the soundtrack, especially if it's a score. It's … [Read more...]

Who Week: diy TARDIS door


  Today's the day! The Doctor returns. The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who begins. Series 7 continues and, from what I've heard, is going to be amazing! I've had a spectacular time with Who Week and I hope you've enjoyed it too. For the non-Whovians who have been reading along you must think I'm straight up bananas. And I'm fine with that. And for those of you who have watched Doctor Who, you know. You know how impossible and mad … [Read more...]

Who Week: fish fingers & custard

fish fingers & custard

  Happy Friday & welcome back to Who Week! Speaking of that....only 1 more day til Doctor Who!!!! In honor of The Doctor returning tomorrow I thought Curt & I should have a special Who inspired treat. Fish fingers & custard! Yes. Fish fingers. And custard. So...The Doctor has a way of cheating death by regenerating. And when The Doctor regenerates he sort of becomes someone new. Well, not new, but different. He has … [Read more...]

Who Week: Doctor Who Nerdvana

TARDIS & Dalek salt & pepper shakers

  Welcome back to Who Week! How about some crazy cool Doctor Who stuff? All of these (plus many, many more) are on my wish list. I did give the TARDIS mini fridge to Curt for Christmas so we can check that one off the list, only 847 more geeky Doctor Who things to go.   TARDIS vs. Dalek salt and pepper shakers Dalek pencil toppers   TARDIS teapot Doctor Who Scene It TARDIS mini fridge   Doctor Who … [Read more...]

Who Week: Doctor Who Guess Who

doctor who guess who

  I'm back with more Doctor Who geekdom! How about a game of Guess Who: Doctor Who Edition? Isn't this the most awesome, geekiest thing ever?! Karen, a fellow Whovian and blogger, designed this and was nice enough to let others download the PDF files. You can find her full tutorial and PDF files here. This is the one I made and it's not as extensive as hers, but I can't wait to play it with Curtis. Does your person travel in the … [Read more...]