gold geometric mirror

gold geometric mirror

I love the style of West Elm. Unfortunately, I can't always afford their prices. Boo. When I saw these gold geometric mirrors it was love at first sight. Some things, simply put, are not DIY-able. These mirrors are what DIY dreams are made of. This is my West Elm gold geometric mirror knock-off. I LOVE it! And the absolute best part? It cost me nothing. Zip. Nada. I already had the round mirror and the gold leafing. Love when that … [Read more...]

diy felted beads

diy felted beads

I have love felted beads for a few years now, but every time I think I about buying some I instantly change my mind when I see the price. They're quite expensive for simply being a little ball of wool. At least all the places I've seen them are.   Felted beads are simple and inexpensive to make, you just need one of these Bead Shakers. I found it at Hobby Lobby. You'll also need 100% wool roving. The instructions … [Read more...]

hexagon magnet & cork boards


These hexagon magnet and cork boards really compliment our new desk well. And the best part is they were easy to make. For the two cork boards I used these cork place mats from IKEA. Each cork board is two cork layers deep so I traced and cut out four hexagon shapes.   For the magnet board I cut a hexagon from a piece of sheet metal. I then spray painted the metal white. For both the cork boards … [Read more...]

industrial inspired desk


Last week I shared our new computer desk area. The desk was simple to make and cost less than $100. We started with a piece of 1 inch pine board cut to our desired length. We gave it a good sand over all sides. Once sanded, Curt attached a piece of 1 x 4 inch board to the back of the pine board. This is how the desk will attach to the wall. We stained the pine with Minwax dark walnut stain. We wanted a nice dark, rich color … [Read more...]

new computer area

computer desk area

This was our computer area. A ginormous desk that really just became a collecting space for junk. When I cleaned out the desk I was shocked (well, maybe not that shocked) to find that 90% of the stuff in the desk went to the trash bin. The 10% of useful stuff fit nicely into a little storage box. It was such an inefficient use of space. Curt and I really wanted a simple, minimalistic desk area. Here's what we came up with. The … [Read more...]

geometric wooden ornaments

geometric wooden ornaments

These wooden ornaments were such fun to make and I love how they turned out. They look perfect hanging on my tree with the himmeli ornaments. I cut wooden blanks into pieces at random lengths. I bought the wooden balls at Michael's. To start, I poked a hole in each wooden ball and blank using an awl. This will greatly help in getting the screw eyes into the wood.   Once you get the screw eye started, use … [Read more...]

himmeli ornaments

diy himmeli ornaments

As stated yesterday, I am head over heels for himmeli. Once I learned how to make the himmeli wreath, a whole world of himmeli possibilities opened up. I spent a little time playing around with it and made a handful of fun shapes. And what better place to hang them than on my skinny little Christmas tree.           I even made a himmeli star to top the … [Read more...]

have yourself a himmeli little christmas

diy himmeli wreath

Over the past few months I have become obsessed with himmeli. Himmeli is a traditional Finnish decoration made from pieces of straw. It was hung in their homes to secure a bounteous crop for the next year. The bigger the himmeli, the bigger the crop. Well, I've been making mine out of cocktail straws, not real straw. And I hang it in my home to ensure a smile every time I walk by it. So far so fabulous. Mandi from Vintage Revivals did a … [Read more...]

geometric paper christmas tree


I have wanted to put a Christmas tree in our basement for years. But there isn't really room for a tree, not to mention the extra room needed for storage. So the perfect fix? A paper tree! I bought a pack of neutral cardstock and cut 4 inch x 4 inch squares. Then cut each one in half diagonally to make triangles.   Using scotch tape I attached my "tree" to the wall in our tv area downstairs. I put A Muppet … [Read more...]

trio of holiday garlands

christmas mantel

When in doubt, add a garland. Which is exactly what I did to my mantel. Thrice. If you're loving some of the other holiday merriment happening in this photo you can find tutorials for the Christmas star, metallic santa art and pine saplings by clicking on the links. I made these three simple garlands to add the finishing touch to my Christmas mantel. I made a jingle bell garland; jingle bells strung onto some silver bakers twine. … [Read more...]