diy metallic confetti plates

holiday confetti plates

Aren't these metallic confetti plates the funnest thing you've ever seen?! I love dishes. Love. And I know they can get pricey. These diy plates and glasses were so fun and simple to make and the best part? They were super inexpensive. I bought all my plates and stemless wine glasses at the dollar store. You'll need some glass paint and a little round sponge brush. I got all of these at Michael's. Squirt a little blob of … [Read more...]

gold & copper faux fruit

copper & gold faux fruit

This little project is so simple and inexpensive. Pick up some fake fruit. These came from the dollar store. I did also find some better looking pomegranates from Tai Pan that I added to the mix. Using a disposable brush, cover the fruit with gold & copper liquid leaf. The once sad looking fruit are now beautiful metallic decorations that can last throughout the entire season. And it took less than 20 minutes.   Until … [Read more...]

pom pom wreath

pom pom wreath

Nothing welcomes in the holidays like a festive wreath. This simple pom pom wreath almost looks like puffs of fluffy snow. All you need for this wonderful wreath is a wreath form, yarn, scissors and a hot glue gun. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.                   Until next time.... … [Read more...]

concrete apple

DIY concrete apple

How the crap are we already a week into November?! I had big blogging plans for this week, but it just flew by too fast. Ah, well. My triangle shelves deserve to have some awesome stuff displayed in them. And what's more awesome than a concrete apple?! Not much, my friends, not much. I found this plastic apple for $7.00. It comes apart into two pieces. I'm not entirely sure what its actual intended purpose is; candy dish? … [Read more...]

simple metallic art

DIY create art

  I've been sharing all the gooey details of our office makeover this week. As I mentioned in a previous post, our main goal for the office was to be a space that both Curtis and I could really get our creative juices flowing. I thought a little DIY inspiration was in order. I LOVE the simplicity of this art. I first did this project on canvas, but canvas has a hard time showcasing the shimmering awesome-ness of metallic spray … [Read more...]

diy triangle shelves

diy triangle shelves

Yesterday I shared our office makeover (and my confessions about being a craft hoarder) and let's be honest, these triangle shelves are kinda the show-stealer. Not only are they a huge "wow factor" but they couldn't be more simple to make. Honest. Here's what you need for these awesome shelves: - 1x4 pine board, 8 ft long (I made 10 triangle shelves with 5 boards) - miter saw - wood glue -nail gun - power sander Using a … [Read more...]

confessions of a craft hoarder


A craft hoarder. Yes, that's me. Well, actually I'm a recovering craft hoarder. For the past five or six years I was a hoarder of everything and anything that could possibly be used in any DIY project. "I could use that for something." Sound familiar? Well that was practically my catchphrase. For a lot of years. Fast forward to 2014. The "office" was not a functional room in any capacity. It was just a big, unorganized collection of stuff. … [Read more...]

glazed pumpkins

glazed pumpkins

Happy Friday! I have a super fun and EASY tutorial today for any of you who want to fancy up your pumpkins a bit. Glazed pumpkins. Aren't they gorgeous?! To make these glazed pumpkins you will need: - pumpkins - metallic glaze (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby) - a foam brush That's it. The metallic glaze was $7.99 for a small container, but a little glaze goes a long way. Just brush the glaze onto your pumpkins and let … [Read more...]

why pick white?

the power of white paint

Ah, the paint store. Rows and rows of delicious colors and shades. From someone who, at one point, did not have a single white wall in her entire house I understand the alluring beauty of paint colors. Trust me. In fact, there was a time when I actually said I would never have white walls. Oh the shame of it. Well, never say never. I'm here to tell ya, white walls are ALWAYS a good idea. The truth is when you paint your walls a color other … [Read more...]

halloween dessert plates

halloween dessert plates

Everything Tim Burton does is completely brilliant. And he has some pretty adorable pooches in his movies. Even if they are undead. I decided to make a set of three dessert plates with these cute canines. These images of Zero, Sparky and Scraps are actually pumpkin carving stencils. I cut them out using my Silhouette machine. I picked up my dessert plates from the dollar store and the glass paint came from Michael's. The cost of this … [Read more...]