foyer & hallway makeover


  I have been ridiculously excited to show you guys this makeover! It's the kind of makeover that makes me feel like I have a whole new house. It's so beautiful! What would the after pictures be without some befores for comparison. The foyer & hall were painted a grayish … [Read more...]

paper triangle mobile

paper triangle mobile

    How about a lovely hanging mobile to help usher in spring? Start by cutting 2 inch strips of paper. Then cut the strips into 2 inch x 2 inch squares. Now cut each square in half diagonally. And your triangles are ready for sewing! Sew your triangles … [Read more...]

IKEA hack entry table


  First things first. You've probably noticed I've been absent for a month. Curtis & I tackled a major overhaul in March. We'll get to all that makeover goodness soon enough. Next, you may be asking "What is an IKEA hack?" An IKEA hack is repurposing standard IKEA furniture into a … [Read more...]

diy metallic animals

metallic animals

  This post is dedicated to my niece and nephews in the pacific northwest. (You know who you are.... *wink* *wink*) (And don't worry guys, they're not Schleichs.) So......metallic animals. Fun right?! I picked up these plastic animals from the clearance bins at Michael's for … [Read more...]

concrete letters

dipped concrete letter

    So remember last fall when I got waaaaay into concrete? In case you've forgotten....             Ok, now that we're all on the same page. The concrete love continues with these diy concrete letters & … [Read more...]

copper leaf heart

copper leaf heart

  Here's my problem with 99.9% of Valentine's Day decorations; I hate them. The over-the-top, garish, pink and red eye sores the stores try to pass off as decorations makes me feel a bit ill. Pair that with my self declared color of the year and the copper leaf heart was … [Read more...]

before & after: copper chandelier

copper chandelier

  There's nothing quite like an amazing before and after picture. Take a look at this hideous chandelier I picked up from the thrift store for $5.00. I pretty much hate almost everything about this chandelier; the glass bowls, the metal rims on the glass and the fact that the arms face … [Read more...]

music monday: the secret life of walter mitty

the secret life of walter mitty

    This soundtrack is absolutely fantastic! And, might I add, so is the movie. Put them both on your list; watch and listen to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. My personal faves on the album are Stay Alive, Dirty Paws and The Wolves & The … [Read more...]

and a happy new year!

happy 2014!

  I know I'm about eight days late, but... HAPPY 2014!   We had a great little get together with mocktails, confetti and way too much food. We love having mocktails for New Year's Eve. There's something about drinking out of a martini glass that kind of makes ya feel … [Read more...]

sparkling throws

faux bois throw

    I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! I can't believe how quickly it came this year. I have about a half a dozen Christmas posts that I just never got to. I suppose they'll have to wait for next year. I love throws. They add so much warmth and texture to a space. If … [Read more...]