a thanksgiving vignette: first. time. ever.

thanksgiving vignette

    So here's the truth; I don't have any Thanksgiving decorations because my Christmas comes out around the second week of November. That's why I had to take this picture from the floor. If I'd been any higher you'd see the reflection of my Christmas tree in the mirror.   I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I feel that Thanksgiving and Christmas are like peanut butter and chocolate. They are even better when … [Read more...]

goodbye Duke


    Last week we unexpectedly said goodbye to our beloved Duke, aka Dubers. *sob sob, sniffle sniff*   Duke has been a part of our family for nearly 11 years and brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. He was a special guy with a big heart, an obsession for frisbees and tennis balls and lots of unconditional love. The house doesn't feel the same without Duke and we are missing him so much. Perhaps no one … [Read more...]

diy concrete diamond

concrete diamond

  Have I convinced you that concrete is amazing yet? No? Well, I'll keep at it then.   This amazing idea is from A Merry Mishap. Who knew you could use paper as a 3D template? Brilliant. Print out the template (found here) onto cardstock.   Then cover one side of the paper with clear packing tape.   Once covered with tape, cut out the template. You don't actually need the top flap of … [Read more...]

concrete votive pillars

concrete votive pillars

  The concrete love continues with these concrete votive pillars.   I made these the same way I made my concrete lamp. Start with a couple cylindrical, thrift store vases and fill them with concrete. Then take a glass tea light holder and you have one of two options: press the tea light holder right down into the concrete or put it in a plastic bag first then press it into the concrete. If you use a plastic bag you'll want … [Read more...]

homemade vanilla extract

homemade vanilla

  This year, I have a lofty goal of being 99.9% done with my Christmas shopping by December 1st. That's right folks. December 1st. I just want to be able to fully enjoy December without feeling any stress over gift buying. And I've wanted to try making my own vanilla for over a year. Put two and two together and....? You guessed it. Here's what you need to make your own vanilla: -clear, glass bottles w/caps (I bought mine … [Read more...]

concrete & glass succulent planters

concrete & glass succulent planters

    I've got another fabulous concrete project. This idea came from the brilliance of Mandi at Vintage Revivals. When I saw these I just knew I had to make some of my own. Mandi is crazy talented and you need to check out her awesome-ness, if you haven't already. I am a complete sucker for succulents. I have dozens of them.   You'll start with a few glass vases/jars. These all came from the thrift … [Read more...]

concrete lightbulbs

concrete lightbulbs

    Two words. Concrete. Lightbulbs. Go ahead, take a moment to drink it in.   So, you want to make some concrete lightbulbs? First, make a mental  note. Never throw away an old lightbulb ever again. Got it? Ok, gather your old lightbulbs.   You need to hollow and clean out the bulbs. You can find simple detailed instructions on exactly how to do that here. Don't let this step … [Read more...]

diy concrete lamp


  I have recently become completely obsessed with raw materials. Namely wood & concrete. When I came up with this idea I may have peed my pants a little because of excitement. And not only did this concrete lamp turn out exactly how I wanted, it was also ridiculously fun to make. I like to call that the double deuce.   If you have all of a sudden become obsessed with having a concrete lamp of your own you, my friend, … [Read more...]

music monday: valerie june

valerie june

    Happy music monday! I know I say this pretty much every music monday, but this album is a must have. Valerie June's vocals are intoxicating. Her sound is a mix of blues, soul, alternative and folk. It's like that recipe that has unique ingredients that shouldn't go well together, but once you sample it you find yourself going back for seconds. My personal favorites are Wanna Be On Your Mind, The Hour, Workin' Woman … [Read more...]

for the love of fall

autumn leaves

    The fall season is almost upon us. And I couldn't be more excited! I have never been one to feel sad at summer's end. It always seems to overstay it's welcome about 3-4 weeks. And if I could I would take those weeks and give them to fall to run wild with. Wouldn't it be glorious if fall was a month longer? I love the crisp air of fall, the warm, rich colors and textures of the season and there's nothing better than … [Read more...]