concrete votive pillars

concrete votive pillars

  The concrete love continues with these concrete votive pillars.   I made these the same way I made my concrete lamp. Start with a couple cylindrical, thrift store vases and fill them with concrete. Then take a glass tea light holder and you have one of two options: press the … [Read more...]

homemade vanilla extract

homemade vanilla

  This year, I have a lofty goal of being 99.9% done with my Christmas shopping by December 1st. That's right folks. December 1st. I just want to be able to fully enjoy December without feeling any stress over gift buying. And I've wanted to try making my own vanilla for over a … [Read more...]

concrete & glass succulent planters

concrete & glass succulent planters

    I've got another fabulous concrete project. This idea came from the brilliance of Mandi at Vintage Revivals. When I saw these I just knew I had to make some of my own. Mandi is crazy talented and you need to check out her awesome-ness, if you haven't already. I am a complete … [Read more...]

concrete lightbulbs

concrete lightbulbs

    Two words. Concrete. Lightbulbs. Go ahead, take a moment to drink it in.   So, you want to make some concrete lightbulbs? First, make a mental  note. Never throw away an old lightbulb ever again. Got it? Ok, gather your old … [Read more...]

diy concrete lamp


  I have recently become completely obsessed with raw materials. Namely wood & concrete. When I came up with this idea I may have peed my pants a little because of excitement. And not only did this concrete lamp turn out exactly how I wanted, it was also ridiculously fun to make. I … [Read more...]

music monday: valerie june

valerie june

    Happy music monday! I know I say this pretty much every music monday, but this album is a must have. Valerie June's vocals are intoxicating. Her sound is a mix of blues, soul, alternative and folk. It's like that recipe that has unique ingredients that shouldn't go well … [Read more...]

for the love of fall

autumn leaves

    The fall season is almost upon us. And I couldn't be more excited! I have never been one to feel sad at summer's end. It always seems to overstay it's welcome about 3-4 weeks. And if I could I would take those weeks and give them to fall to run wild with. Wouldn't it be … [Read more...]

no-sew teacup pin cushion

teacup pin cushion

    I'm not very skilled at sewing. If it's more complicated than sewing a straight stitch on my machine then I'm probably out. But when I do sew I sure like to have a cute place to stick my pins. So today I'm sharing this no-sew teacup pincushion. I saw this idea on The … [Read more...]

lamp base side table

lamp base side table

  In need of a lovely little side table? Try using a lamp base and a tray.   I found this lamp at the thrift store and was immediately drawn to the base. Last year I stole all the wiring from it to use in a hanging light, but wanted to keep the base … [Read more...]

music monday

ben rector

  Happy Monday! Are you in need of some new music? How about some new ditties to help finish off summer? Give these a try.... Solid album, start to finish. I dare ya to listen to Float and not like it. Go on, I dare ya.   Happy Listening!!!   Until next … [Read more...]