music monday: vacationer


  "Let's unwind, don't worry your mind, there's paradise waiting for us in summertime. The warm thoughts set your tension's aside, there's a paradise waiting for us in summertime. When you look in my eyes you'll find the pleasure is mine, there's a paradise waiting for us in summertime. When I'm making you smile then it's the perfect delight, It's paradise waiting for us in summertime."   Vacationer's Relief was made for summer. … [Read more...]

music monday: pure imagination


  Boy, this monday sure came around fast. And while we're on the subject, when did September 23rd happen?! Time just flies by too quickly. Which I know it always does, but it still seems to surprise me. Have you seen the new marketing campaign video for Chipotle? Or more importantly, have you heard the hauntingly beautiful cover of Pure Imagination by Fiona Apple? It sounds like it fell out of a Tim Burton movie. It was love … [Read more...]

music monday: valerie june

valerie june

    Happy music monday! I know I say this pretty much every music monday, but this album is a must have. Valerie June's vocals are intoxicating. Her sound is a mix of blues, soul, alternative and folk. It's like that recipe that has unique ingredients that shouldn't go well together, but once you sample it you find yourself going back for seconds. My personal favorites are Wanna Be On Your Mind, The Hour, Workin' Woman … [Read more...]

music monday

ben rector

  Happy Monday! Are you in need of some new music? How about some new ditties to help finish off summer? Give these a try.... Solid album, start to finish. I dare ya to listen to Float and not like it. Go on, I dare ya.   Happy Listening!!!   Until next time.... … [Read more...]

music monday: bastille


    Do you ever stumble across an artist and think "Where has this been? Why have I never heard of these guys?" Well that's exactly how I felt after discovering Bastille last week. I had never even heard of them and just happened across them by chance. These guys are solid. Start to finish. Definitely getting lots of plays.   Enjoy some tasty ear candy!     Until next time.... … [Read more...]

music monday: she & him

she & him

    She & Him. She being Zooey Deschanel and Him being M. Ward. These two are a music match made in heaven. Their third album is wonderfully charming and seems to have that perfect retro sound, reminiscent of summer days gone by. I'm sure it'll be getting a lot of spins over the next few months. My ears never seem to tire of Zooey's alluring voice.       You can listen to She & Him here, … [Read more...]

music monday: the airborne toxic event

airborne toxic event

  The new album by The Airborne Toxic Event came out last week and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. I have a handful of songs from their previous albums, but this is their first album that I have enjoyed from start to finish. It feels so honest  and every track is worth it. I would suggest my favorites to start with, but, honestly, I love every single track.   Happy Listening!   Until next time.... … [Read more...]