music monday: the secret life of walter mitty

the secret life of walter mitty

    This soundtrack is absolutely fantastic! And, might I add, so is the movie. Put them both on your list; watch and listen to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. My personal faves on the album are Stay Alive, Dirty Paws and The Wolves & The … [Read more...]

music monday: christmas in the air

the piano guys

  Do you need to add some new music to your Christmas playlist? If you said yes then you're in luck! Grab your mug of cocoa and favorite throw, settle in and have a listen.     Happy Holiday Listening!   Until next time.... … [Read more...]

music monday: pure imagination


  Boy, this monday sure came around fast. And while we're on the subject, when did September 23rd happen?! Time just flies by too quickly. Which I know it always does, but it still seems to surprise me. Have you seen the new marketing campaign video for Chipotle? Or more … [Read more...]

music monday: valerie june

valerie june

    Happy music monday! I know I say this pretty much every music monday, but this album is a must have. Valerie June's vocals are intoxicating. Her sound is a mix of blues, soul, alternative and folk. It's like that recipe that has unique ingredients that shouldn't go well … [Read more...]

music monday

ben rector

  Happy Monday! Are you in need of some new music? How about some new ditties to help finish off summer? Give these a try.... Solid album, start to finish. I dare ya to listen to Float and not like it. Go on, I dare ya.   Happy Listening!!!   Until next … [Read more...]

music monday: bastille


    Do you ever stumble across an artist and think "Where has this been? Why have I never heard of these guys?" Well that's exactly how I felt after discovering Bastille last week. I had never even heard of them and just happened across them by chance. These guys are solid. … [Read more...]

music monday: she & him

she & him

    She & Him. She being Zooey Deschanel and Him being M. Ward. These two are a music match made in heaven. Their third album is wonderfully charming and seems to have that perfect retro sound, reminiscent of summer days gone by. I'm sure it'll be getting a lot of spins over … [Read more...]

music monday: the airborne toxic event

airborne toxic event

  The new album by The Airborne Toxic Event came out last week and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. I have a handful of songs from their previous albums, but this is their first album that I have enjoyed from start to finish. It feels so honest ¬†and every track is worth it. I would … [Read more...]

music monday: bring on the spring

music monday logo 500w

      We finally had some lovely spring weather this weekend so I've been listening to my bring on the spring playlist today. Take a listen, it'll help you through your monday.... or any day for that matter.   Until next time..... … [Read more...]

music monday: the odd life of timothy green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! And to you Whovians, I hope you enjoyed the new Doctor Who episode. Curt & I loved it! Also, happy April 1st! A few weeks ago, Alison and I watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green. What a great movie, we both really enjoyed it. Put it … [Read more...]