picture perfect: oh! what a beautiful morning!

spring morning6

It has been an absolutely beautiful spring morning here! I couldn't pass up the chance to snap some lovely  little pictures. Enjoy some yummy spring eye candy.                 Until next time.... … [Read more...]

picture perfect: the happiest halloween on earth

halloween @ disneyland

  This edition of Picture Perfect is brought to you by The Happiest Place On Earth and the young at heart. Oh Disneyland. There's no place I'd rather be. A year ago this week Curtis and I were enjoying the magic that is Disneyland. The resort was all decked out for the Halloween season … [Read more...]

picture perfect: before & after


  Maggie before....   Maggie after....   Until next time.... … [Read more...]

picture perfect: summer love

LEGO cards

  I know I share a lot of projects here, but this blog isn't just about DIY and craftiness. It's about the many, many things that make me happy. Last night, while enjoying the perfect summer evening, I snapped of few pics of happiness. I love outdoor lighting. It makes my heart … [Read more...]

picture perfect: adventureland


  What's more perfect than this great shot from Adventureland?   Until next time.... -Meg     … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect: redfish lake


  One of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Love it.   Also, today I'm linking to a couple linky parties today: - Night Owl Crafting - kojo designs   Until next time.... -Meg   … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect: a break in the storm

panoramic rainbow

  Look at this absolutely amazing picture Curtis took on Memorial Day!   … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect: spring time

limbs & branches

A couple pics from a tree in my front yard. It's a beaut!     … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect: happy place

Crystal Arcade, Disneyland

This is where I wish I was right now. I can almost smell the treats from the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor wafting into the street. … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect: African Violet

Pink African Violet

My African Violets are blooming and they are beautiful! … [Read more...]