turn instagram pictures into photo books

chatbooks albums

Every single picture I take is with my iPhone. I know I'm not alone in this. Then, when my phone memory starts to get full I transfer the photos onto my computer and there they sit. Chatbooks has changed my life. Seriously. It'll change yours too. Chatbooks is a photo book maker app and is totally brilliant. It's so simple to use and the photo books are cheap. There are a couple different options for making your photo books. If you are an … [Read more...]

picture perfect: the happiest halloween on earth

halloween @ disneyland

  This edition of Picture Perfect is brought to you by The Happiest Place On Earth and the young at heart. Oh Disneyland. There's no place I'd rather be. A year ago this week Curtis and I were enjoying the magic that is Disneyland. The resort was all decked out for the Halloween season and let me tell ya, Disneyland knows how to do Halloween right! Here are just a handful of pictures from our magical … [Read more...]

picture perfect: summer love

LEGO cards

  I know I share a lot of projects here, but this blog isn't just about DIY and craftiness. It's about the many, many things that make me happy. Last night, while enjoying the perfect summer evening, I snapped of few pics of happiness. I love outdoor lighting. It makes my heart sing.   My mosaic table encapsulates summer.   In my personal opinion you could never have too many hanging … [Read more...]