diy world map art

diy world map art

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! After our hallway makeover I wanted something really spectacular to hang on the wall. And I was pretty sure I wanted it to be some DIY art. After much deliberation and sketching, I decided on this DIY world map art in mint and gold. I hung it above the fireplace just for pictures. It's tough to get a great head-on shot in the hallway. Here's where this beauty hangs. It's the … [Read more...]

Bob Vila Thumbs Up Blogger Contest

diy concrete lamp

You guys! My concrete lamp is one of six finalists in the Bob Vila Thumbs Up blogger contest. Yes, Bob freaking Vila! I'm pretty sure he's the original DIY-er. You can vote for your favorite concrete project once a day until August 31st. The winner will receive a $250 gift card! So click on over there and get voting!   There's been a lot of concrete love around here over the past year. Here are some of my other concrete … [Read more...]

anchor marquee light

anchor marquee light

Welcome! You've probably noticed the new digs around here. Amazing right?! This beautiful new webpage was done by Shout! Creative. The owner of Shout! Creative just happens to be my very talented husband, Curtis. He did an amazing job and I am completely in love with it! I know a lot of people who are already gearing up for fall, but not me. Well, not yet anyway. Here in northern Utah we still have a lot of warm summer weather left before the … [Read more...]

mirror tile chandelier

mirror tile chandelier

  So, remember my mirror tile wall? If you've been here before and have a pulse I'm sure you do. Well, I had some leftover sheets of mirror tiles and decided pretty quickly that I would be making a mirror tile chandelier with them. And I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I love it!   My chandelier found a home above my record player and next to my recently acquired geometric bear print from Vintage Revivals. … [Read more...]

hello sunshine! diy wood shim sign

diy wood shim summer sign

    You know you're having a great summer when you're too busy to blog. Seriously, this summer has been nutso! But in the I'm-having-so-much-fun-work-is-cramping-my-style kind of way. Our life has been full of amazing trips, house projects, friends & family, and plenty of patio time. I wanted something really simple for my mantel this summer. And I've been dying to do a project with wood shims. Put 'em together and blam-o! … [Read more...]

mirror tile wall


    My favorite part of the hallway & foyer makeover is the mirror tile wall. There are no words to describe my love for this wall. As I said earlier, I have wanted to do this project for a few years and this was the absolute perfect wall for it.   I was fully prepared to stick individual half inch mirror tiles on the wall, but luckily I found Kit Kraft. They sell mirror tile sheets. Each sheet measures about … [Read more...]

foyer & hallway makeover


  I have been ridiculously excited to show you guys this makeover! It's the kind of makeover that makes me feel like I have a whole new house. It's so beautiful! What would the after pictures be without some befores for comparison. The foyer & hall were painted a grayish brown and off-white. Off-white? What was I thinking?!¬†Which really just made everything look a little, well, dingy. There, I said it. The book … [Read more...]

paper triangle mobile

paper triangle mobile

    How about a lovely hanging mobile to help usher in spring? Start by cutting 2 inch strips of paper. Then cut the strips into 2 inch x 2 inch squares. Now cut each square in half diagonally. And your triangles are ready for sewing! Sew your triangles together leaving the thread long at the end. (This is how you'll attach your triangles to your wooden dowel.) Sew each strip of triangles separately so … [Read more...]

IKEA hack entry table


  First things first. You've probably noticed I've been absent for a month. Curtis & I tackled a major overhaul in March. We'll get to all that makeover goodness soon enough. Next, you may be asking "What is an IKEA hack?" An IKEA hack is repurposing standard IKEA furniture into a customized piece. I'm so happy with how this "hack" turned out! Take a look!   This is what it looked like before. Wow, … [Read more...]

diy metallic animals

metallic animals

  This post is dedicated to my niece and nephews in the pacific northwest. (You know who you are.... *wink* *wink*) (And don't worry guys, they're not Schleichs.) So......metallic animals. Fun right?! I picked up these plastic animals from the clearance bins at Michael's for a couple bucks. There's also a giraffe, but he was MIA for this photo. I used Krylon metallic gold spray paint for the hippo and the lion. As … [Read more...]