have yourself a himmeli little christmas

diy himmeli wreath

Over the past few months I have become obsessed with himmeli. Himmeli is a traditional Finnish decoration made from pieces of straw. It was hung in their homes to secure a bounteous crop for the next year. The bigger the himmeli, the bigger the crop. Well, I've been making mine out of cocktail straws, not real straw. And I hang it in my home to ensure a smile every time I walk by it. So far so fabulous. Mandi from Vintage Revivals did a … [Read more...]

trio of holiday garlands

christmas mantel

When in doubt, add a garland. Which is exactly what I did to my mantel. Thrice. If you're loving some of the other holiday merriment happening in this photo you can find tutorials for the Christmas star, metallic santa art and pine saplings by clicking on the links. I made these three simple garlands to add the finishing touch to my Christmas mantel. I made a jingle bell garland; jingle bells strung onto some silver bakers twine. … [Read more...]

merry & bright lightbox

diy merry & bright lightbox

Christmas is in full swing here and it's glorious! Only downside? It's going too quickly. This merry and bright lightbox is one of my favorite holiday projects to date. It is absolutely brimming with holiday merriment!   I used 1x3 inch boards for the frame and an 18 inch x 30 inch piece of plexi glass for the sign. Here, Curt is cutting a groove on the inside of the frame boards for the plexi glass to slide into. For … [Read more...]

diy metallic confetti plates

holiday confetti plates

Aren't these metallic confetti plates the funnest thing you've ever seen?! I love dishes. Love. And I know they can get pricey. These diy plates and glasses were so fun and simple to make and the best part? They were super inexpensive. I bought all my plates and stemless wine glasses at the dollar store. You'll need some glass paint and a little round sponge brush. I got all of these at Michael's. Squirt a little blob of … [Read more...]

gold & copper faux fruit

copper & gold faux fruit

This little project is so simple and inexpensive. Pick up some fake fruit. These came from the dollar store. I did also find some better looking pomegranates from Tai Pan that I added to the mix. Using a disposable brush, cover the fruit with gold & copper liquid leaf. The once sad looking fruit are now beautiful metallic decorations that can last throughout the entire season. And it took less than 20 minutes.   Until … [Read more...]

pom pom wreath

pom pom wreath

Nothing welcomes in the holidays like a festive wreath. This simple pom pom wreath almost looks like puffs of fluffy snow. All you need for this wonderful wreath is a wreath form, yarn, scissors and a hot glue gun. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.                   Until next time.... … [Read more...]

stacked plywood coffee table

stacked plywood coffee table

Have you ever come across something sooo good you just need to have it? Well that's exactly what happened when I saw this stacked plywood bench from Mandi at Vintage Revivals. It was love at first sight. Oh, and it just so happens that I was on the hunt for a new coffee table at the same time. How fortuitous. This was an easy and satisfying diy project. When I bought my plywood from Lowe's I had the nice gents make all the cuts I needed, … [Read more...]

giant white board

giant diy white board

Last week I shared our office makeover. As mentioned, Curt's must-have for the space was a ginormous white board. Instead of a big, clunky, traditional whiteboard, he ordered a stick on white board from Writey Board. Holy awesome! It comes all rolled up and you just unroll and stick it on your wall. I didn't get any install pics because it took both of us to unroll and stick. This wall in our office has wood paneling so we needed a … [Read more...]

concrete apple

DIY concrete apple

How the crap are we already a week into November?! I had big blogging plans for this week, but it just flew by too fast. Ah, well. My triangle shelves deserve to have some awesome stuff displayed in them. And what's more awesome than a concrete apple?! Not much, my friends, not much. I found this plastic apple for $7.00. It comes apart into two pieces. I'm not entirely sure what its actual intended purpose is; candy dish? … [Read more...]

simple metallic art

DIY create art

  I've been sharing all the gooey details of our office makeover this week. As I mentioned in a previous post, our main goal for the office was to be a space that both Curtis and I could really get our creative juices flowing. I thought a little DIY inspiration was in order. I LOVE the simplicity of this art. I first did this project on canvas, but canvas has a hard time showcasing the shimmering awesome-ness of metallic spray … [Read more...]