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Happy Holidays everyone!!

I love to change my holiday decor and try new ideas every year, but sometimes that can get a little pricey. So I try to use things I already have.

This year I completely changed my mantle, but only spent about ten bucks.

I’ll show you what I did and hopefully give you a few tips for some inexpensive holiday decorating.

All of the vases and glassware were items I already had on hand, but when I did buy them every single one came from the thrift store.

My addicti…er..a…passion for vases, jars and glassware comes in pretty handy.

And yes, we have stockings for our dogs. Don’t judge.


I really love how this turned out and it was so quick and easy. I went to the back yard and cut a branch from one of our trees. Then it got a couple coats of red spray paint. I stuck it in this vase with epsom salt for a “snowy” look.


I used some of the glitter ornaments I made last week in my mantle scape.

I love that sparkling turquoise with the red!


I stuck a little ornament (I had purchased from the dollar store last year) on stop of the “snow” and wrapped the vase with a little bakers twine.


Again, more epsom salt and ornaments I already had. I also snipped some pine sprigs from our trees in the front yard.



Most of the candlesticks I already had, but I picked up these two a few weeks ago. They were a dollar each.

Pretty ugly, but great character.

Now see how great they look after some spray paint!

I’m always amazed at the difference a little paint can make.




A handful of little ornaments with a splash of turquoise under a small cloche jar.


Actually I didn’t get that little white dish at the thrift store. It came from Pier 1 a few years ago.

But I thrifted the blue one for $1.50. It was just begging for some candy canes.


You’ve probably seen these ornament wreaths floating around the blogosphere. I’ve been wanting to make one since last year, but didn’t want to buy all the ornaments that it needed. So all year I’ve been purchasing ornaments from the thrift store. All of the red and silver ornaments came from there. Each box was anywhere from fifty cents to a dollar. Score! I did buy the turquoise ones from Wal-Mart this year. Once you have your ornaments this wreath is a cinch to make.


Start with an old wire hanger. (I actually had a hard time finding one of these, all our hangers are plastic.)


Bend it into a circle.


Then, using some needle nose pliers, untwist the top. Now all you do it string on your ornaments until it’s all covered.


Hint: Hot glue the toppers onto the ornaments before you start. I had a problem with some ornaments popping out of the toppers once they were all crammed together. I had to take them all off, hot glue, then put them back on.

I am passing my wisdom to you. You’re welcome.


I am absolutely in love with these vintage ornaments!

Last year, after Christmas, my grandma was going through her decorations and getting rid of stuff she didn’t want. She gave me all these fabulous vintage ornaments. Of course, they were still being stored in their original boxes and on one of the boxes there was a price tag. The tag read $0.17.  I’m not sure which decade you could buy a box of ornaments for seventeen cents, but my grandma is 93 years old. You do the math.



I also stuck a couple ornaments on some white vases I had.


An easy to make crepe paper garland.



So just a quick recap:

– try to use items you already have

– don’t be afraid of thrift stores (even though they smell weird)

– never underestimate the power of spray paint


Happy decorating!


Until next time….




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