christmas zen garden


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying what’s left of the weekend. My holiday was absolutely lovely.

…but I find myself saying, “Did we really just have Thanksgiving?”

With all the Christmas-ing that we’re sure to be a part of, I think it’s important to make sure we’re enjoying the season. So this is for any of you who may need a little help.

A christmas zen garden!

To ensure a stress free holiday….well maybe not “ensure” but help.

Isn’t this fun?!

And it couldn’t be easier to make.

Start with a tray…


fill with epsom salt…


then add your zen objects. See, I told ya it was easy.

You could use anything in your zen garden to add your own twist to it.

I decided to dip some pinecones for mine.


I tied thread around the top of the pinecone then tied the other end to a wooden skewer.


Then dipped that baby into the paint.


Then I just let them hang in these cups and dry for a couple days. I was amazed at how much the pinecones closed up from the moisture of the paint.


For the “rake” I used a thrift store fork and bent the tines down. Then it got a couple coats of red spray paint.


I grabbed a couple ornaments I already had and a few candy canes to finish it off. I sprayed the candy canes with an acrylic top coat so they wouldn’t get sticky when they were handled.


My christmas zen garden doubles as our centerpiece on the dining table. It’s the perfect spot for it. Not only is it great for entertaining after the food is gone, but it’s also a good conversation piece.


This is another smaller zen garden I made for a gift. I got this tray from the dollar store and it worked perfectly.


There are so many possibilities for what you could use in the garden, I love it.


Happy holidays and remember to relax and enjoy the season.

Until next time….



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