diy book lamp


I got this idea from Pinterest and have been wanting to make it for months.

Well, I finally got it made and p.s. I’m in love!

Have you ever seen such a fantastic lamp!?!


I had a really fun time making this lamp. I’ve made quite a few lamps in my day, but none quite like this. I started with a pile of books I picked up from the local thrift store. I also had a lamp kit and a threaded rod.


I put clamps on the book to hold it together tightly while drilling.


I used a half inch spade bit to drill holes through the books.




The bottom book was a little trickier. And in the middle of it, I realized that I should have done it a bit differently. Live and learn. I drilled the half inch hole through the book first then drilled a hole through the spine that met up with the other hole. This is where the lamp cord will come out.


Then I used a one inch spade bit to drill just halfway through the bottom of the book. But because the other hole was already there it didn’t drill very cleanly. As you can see in this picture, it’s pretty ugly. I suppose it doesn’t matter though since this is the bottom. I needed the bigger hole to hide the washer and nut on the end of the threaded rod. If I were to make one of these again I would drill the one inch hole halfway through the book first then drill the half inch hole the rest of the way. Then the hole through the spine of the book.


I stacked the books onto the threaded rod and applied small amounts of E600 glue between each book to help hold them into place. Then I clamped the books together until the glue dried.


Once the glue was dry I wired that baby up! Which, by the way, is super easy. Lamp kits come with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. I also spray painted all the hardware gray. It looks so much better than the brass.


I love the look of the skeleton shade. I tried it with a regular shade, but it took away from the book base.


I feel as though I’ve given new life to these obscure, thrift store books.




This lamp and old Royal typewriter were made for each other.



Any thoughts?


Until next time….



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  • Bonnie Kaye Varga Cooper

    Hey they have one of these at the library store and just the other day I texted a picture to Robyn and said “hey we need to make one of these with Meg” and look at that your’s turned out great! way cool…I think we shall plan another lamp making party, never too many lamps right?

  • Robyn Braegger

    I was just going to send a link of this post to Bonnie… and looky there, she’d beat me to it! ¬†turned out great Meg! ¬†Your typewriter is the perfect companion for that lamp, I couldn’t agree with you on that more!

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