diy chevron dining table


Say hello to my new dining table! Hello you lovely chevron table you!


This is what it looked like before. It had a shabby chic thing going on.



I hate to sand, but I started by sanding the table top because I wanted a nice smooth surface and there were a lot of scratches in it. Seriously, it was like a picnic table.


Using our handy dandy paint sprayer, I sprayed on two coats of primer and three coats of light gray. I pulled the table slightly apart to ensure the table leaves were well painted too.


Once the paint was dry we brought the table back into the dining room.


Ok, if you ever want to paint a chevron pattern onto something start taking notes. I looked through dozens of different tutorials and found the one that seemed the easiest with the best results. And, for the record, I want to say that I never would have been able to do this without Curtis. Measuring and marking these chevron lines just about broke my brain. Seriously, it was like kryptonite to Superman. I hate measuring, I suck at math and numbers just aren’t compatible with my brain. It probably didn’t help that we were doing this at midnight. Ya know how it goes, when you can see the project finish line there’s no turning back!

So we made a grid on the table using chalk. Just regular plain old chalk. Our grid squares were 10 inches by 10 inches. The larger the squares, the larger the chevron pattern will be. We went with 10 inch squares because that is the width of the tables leaves.


Then we used painter’s tape to make the chevron lines. This is where I struggled. We taped from one corner of a square diagonally to another. But you need to keep it straight which chevron sections will be painted and which will remain the current color. You need to line up the tape so that it’s on the “inside” of the chevron lines that will be staying the current color.


The overlapping or messy points are in the section that will be staying the same color. The clean points are in the section that will be painted so they needed to be perfect.



Once the table was all taped and I had recovered from my chevron taping meltdown, we painted on the charcoal gray color. I was so excited that I sat and stared at the table until it was time to pull the tape off. You don’t want the paint to be completely dry before you pull off the tape because it can crack and peel the paint and then your lines won’t be as clean.


And here she is in all of her chevron glory!




I love how my chevron table looks! Still on my list of things to do: paint the dining chairs. Wish I had unlimited time and money.


Until next time….

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  • Katie Adams

    It looks amazing Meg!  I love it!

  • Robyn Braegger

    OH WOW!  That is incredible!  I wish I was you.  That is so cool.  Why are you always making my house be so lame.  (just kidding, I’m glad you make my house lame cause it means I have a cool friend with an amazing house- my claim to fame)

  • Katie Jasiewicz

    your table looks amazing!!! great job!

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Thanks Katie! I must admit, I have a bit of a crush on it. Stop by again!