diy concrete lamp


I have recently become completely obsessed with raw materials. Namely wood & concrete.

When I came up with this idea I may have peed my pants a little because of excitement. And not only did this concrete lamp turn out exactly how I wanted, it was also ridiculously fun to make. I like to call that the double deuce.

diy concrete lamp


If you have all of a sudden become obsessed with having a concrete lamp of your own you, my friend, are in luck.

I will show you exactly how to make one and by the time you finish reading this post you’ll think, “Well that doesn’t seem too hard. I could probably do that.”

Yep, you totally can.

First, you’re gonna want to find a glass jar that you think would make a good lamp base shape. You also want to find one on the cheap since you’ll be shattering it into hundreds of pieces. Thrift stores are a great place to look. I picked this one up for $1.50.

glass jar


You’ll need a ceramic tile drill bit for this next part because you need to drill a hole in the glass jar. Which is not at all scary like it sounds. Promise. I have found that Rigid (found at Home Depot) is the best brand to get.

drilled hole


While you’re at Home Depot go ahead and snag a lamp kit, 1-2 feet of tubing, a threaded rod (found right next to the lamp kits in lighting) and a bucket of Quikrete. I like the buckets of Quikrete opposed to the bags because then I have a place to mix the concrete.

Then you’ll force the tubing over the end of the threaded rod.

tubing & threaded rod

Like so.

tubing & threaded rod


This is how the lamp cord will run up through the concrete to the socket.

glass jar


Fill the jar with concrete making sure to keep the threaded rod centered in the middle of the jar. Also make sure you don’t get any concrete down in the rod or there’s going to be problems when it comes time to wire up the lamp. Then you just let it dry for a couple days.

concrete in jar


I thought this part was going to be much crazier than it actually was. I imagined flying shards of glass and barely escaping with my life. It was all rather benign.

Use a hammer to crack and break the glass off the concrete. It really doesn’t take too much force to achieve this. Once all the glass is off you’ll want to go over the concrete with a shop brush to be certain all the tiny bits and glass dust are removed.

breaking glass


It’s now time to wire this baby up!

Remember the tubing that is now sticking out of the back of your lamp base like a tail?

concrete & tubing


Take a knife and cut it as close to the concrete as you can.

cut tubing


Then you’ll run the lamp cord through the tubing and out the top of the threaded rod.

lamp cord


Lamp kit hardware is always a garish brass so I prefer to paint it. A nice glossy white will do perfectly for this project.

white hardware


Wiring a lamp is easy peasy. There are simple instructions on the back of the lamp kit package.

wiring lamp

wiring lamp

wired lamp


The final touch is some felt pads on the bottom of the base so the lamp won’t scratch any surfaces. Also, apparently the inside of my jar wasn’t level. It teetered a bit, but the felt pads fixed that right up.

felt pads


And here it is. In all it’s glory.

And in case you’re wondering (’cause I know you are) that fabulous, flying, copper pig is from Homegoods.

diy concrete lamp


I love the juxtaposition of the warm wood and the cool concrete.

diy concrete lamp

diy concrete lamp

diy concrete lamp

I’ve got more awesome concrete projects coming up soon so make sure to stop by again!


Until next time….












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  • Robyn Braegger

    How did you even think of this!!! SO fantastic! meg, you are amazing. (Also the cat carrier is clean and ready for you to pick up at your leisure.)

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