DIY napkin rings


I’ve got a great little project for those of you who might need some fantastic napkin rings for the big feast next week.

Or for any of you who just want some easy and CHEAP napkin rings.

I have never purchased napkin rings because they are so ridiculously expensive. But I was thinking that there had to be a cheap DIY version. So I sat in my thinking chair with my think drink (Diet Mt. Dew) and it just came to me.

Old silverware!

What’s cheaper than that?! They’re ten for a dollar and the thrift store.


Then just bend them into a napkin ring shape.


Mine didn’t all bend the same and the “rings” are varied, but when the napkin is in there you can’t even tell.

(But you certainly can tell that not all my “white” napkins are as white as I’d like them to be. Yikes!)


I love how they look!

I like them more than the crazy expensive ones I’ve seen at stores.

And you can use them for any occasion.



Enjoy your new napkin rings and revel in the thought of how cheap they were to make.

I love that feeling.


Until next time….




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  • Steff lisbonlioness

    To be honest, we never use napkins. Paper towels to get rid of the worst happenings when the kids decide that spaghetti are just too much fun to simply eat them or chicken drumsticks actually ARE drumsticks… But I imagine that with the really cheapo stuff, you could make “fancy” tea light holders for the more sophisticated “please try not to hit your sister with the spoon” dinner table, as the little buggers do enjoy the unexpected AND candles. In that order. Love your style!