diy felted beads

diy felted beads

I have love felted beads for a few years now, but every time I think I about buying some I instantly change my mind when I see the price. They're quite expensive for simply being a little ball of wool. At least all the places I've seen them are.   Felted beads are simple and inexpensive to make, you just need one of these Bead Shakers. I found it at Hobby Lobby. You'll also need 100% wool roving. The instructions … [Read more...]

hexagon magnet & cork boards


These hexagon magnet and cork boards really compliment our new desk well. And the best part is they were easy to make. For the two cork boards I used these cork place mats from IKEA. Each cork board is two cork layers deep so I traced and cut out four hexagon shapes.   For the magnet board I cut a hexagon from a piece of sheet metal. I then spray painted the metal white. For both the cork boards … [Read more...]

industrial inspired desk


Last week I shared our new computer desk area. The desk was simple to make and cost less than $100. We started with a piece of 1 inch pine board cut to our desired length. We gave it a good sand over all sides. Once sanded, Curt attached a piece of 1 x 4 inch board to the back of the pine board. This is how the desk will attach to the wall. We stained the pine with Minwax dark walnut stain. We wanted a nice dark, rich color … [Read more...]

new computer area

computer desk area

This was our computer area. A ginormous desk that really just became a collecting space for junk. When I cleaned out the desk I was shocked (well, maybe not that shocked) to find that 90% of the stuff in the desk went to the trash bin. The 10% of useful stuff fit nicely into a little storage box. It was such an inefficient use of space. Curt and I really wanted a simple, minimalistic desk area. Here's what we came up with. The … [Read more...]

music monday: new 52

music monday logo 500w

Happy 2015! Do you get completely obsessed with songs and listen to them non-stop for days on end? Yeah, me too. In January of last year, I was chatting with my bestie about music and jokingly said that the song of the week was (my current song obsession). She suggested that I do that every week of the year. So that's what I did. Such a brilliant idea. And I call it New 52. It is honestly one of the best playlists I've ever created. Which, to be … [Read more...]

turn instagram pictures into photo books

chatbooks albums

Every single picture I take is with my iPhone. I know I'm not alone in this. Then, when my phone memory starts to get full I transfer the photos onto my computer and there they sit. Chatbooks has changed my life. Seriously. It'll change yours too. Chatbooks is a photo book maker app and is totally brilliant. It's so simple to use and the photo books are cheap. There are a couple different options for making your photo books. If you are an … [Read more...]

music monday: this year

music monday logo 500w

Happy New Year! If you haven't ever listened to JJ Heller you need to. Her voice is so fresh and lovely. She just wrote a new song about the new year called This Year. She uploaded the video to YouTube and it has gone viral. For good reason, it is such a fantastic song with brilliant lyrics. She said she'll be recording the song and putting it onto iTunes very soon. I will be purchasing. Have a listen.   Until next time.... … [Read more...]

music monday: hgtv + noisetrade

HGTV ultimate holiday soundtrack

Your holiday music collection cannot possibly continue on without adding this album to it. Seriously. And guess what? It's free! If you haven't experienced NoiseTrade yet, you need to check it out. Tons of music. Totally legal. Totally free. And this album is one of the best holiday albums I have in my collection...and that is saying something. You can put it on for any holiday occasion. You. Will. Love. It.  Happy Holiday … [Read more...]

geometric wooden ornaments

geometric wooden ornaments

These wooden ornaments were such fun to make and I love how they turned out. They look perfect hanging on my tree with the himmeli ornaments. I cut wooden blanks into pieces at random lengths. I bought the wooden balls at Michael's. To start, I poked a hole in each wooden ball and blank using an awl. This will greatly help in getting the screw eyes into the wood.   Once you get the screw eye started, use … [Read more...]