diy sliding barn door

diy sliding barn door

I think it's safe to say that we all love a sliding barn door. Am I right? It's also safe to say that this is one of my favorite DIY projects of all time! I am so in love with this door it's almost ridiculous. Almost. Curtis and I had such a great time building this together. I use to have a curtain hanging here to serve as a closet door, but when we did our foyer & hallway makeover last year I knew I wanted a new door so the … [Read more...]

paint pen accent wall


So there's this tiny coat closet in our hallway. When we did our hallway makeover last year we took off the hideous bifold door and decided to just leave it open, which I really love. The closet has this little strip of wall and I wanted to add a bit of something to it. Nothing too obvious, just a smidge of fun. Cue the paint pen. To start, I drew two vertical lines from ceiling to floor with a silver metallic paint … [Read more...]

placemat pillow

placemat pillow

I love a good decorative pillow. Who doesn't? I made this outdoor pillow for our porch from two placemats. I picked up these babies from Target for a couple of bucks each. I put the wrong sides back to back and sewed around the edges making sure to leave an opening for the stuffing. This pillow literally took me 20 minutes to make. And it looks perfect on the porch! Until next time.... … [Read more...]

typography board

typography board

One thing I have always hated about our house, and actually most houses come to think of it, is that the thermostat is right smack in the middle of the wall like it's a shrine to the temperature gods or something. I tried hanging pictures on the sides of the thermostat but it just made it stand out even more. Last summer we finally got central air in our home (hallelujah!) and with that a new thermostat. We bought a Sensi wi-fi thermostat … [Read more...]

copper & wood candle holder

copper & wood candle holder

I really love to look at Scandinavian interior design. It's so beautifully simple and clean. This is such an easy project. All you need is 8 pieces of 1/2 inch wooden dowel cut to the desired size. I cut mine 4 inches each. If you wanted a larger candle holder cut longer pieces. You'll also need 8 copper pipe T joints, also 1/2 inch. Assemble your wooden dowels and copper pipes using E600. Let dry completely, about a day. Easy … [Read more...]

music monday: the hot sardines

the hot sardines

So you know when you discover something and wonder how you ever made it this far in your life without it? The Hot Sardines are like that. To say that these guys are amazing doesn't even begin to cover it. This is the kind of early jazz that transports you to another time. And it's fabulous. Their rendition of Bei Mir Bust Du Schoen is the best I've ever heard. See for yourself. Youtube wouldn't allow me to embed the video so just click on over … [Read more...]

25 metallic projects

diy concrete stools

Metallics, metallics everywhere. Nothing adds a bit of sophistication to a space like some shimmering copper, gold or silver. Here's a fantastic roundup of 25 metallic projects. There's something here for everyone. Copper Chandelier World Map Art Concrete Pots Faux Deer Head Cork Mouse Pad Paint Pen Arrow Art Copper "Dipped" Concrete Letters Copper & Gold Faux Fruit Paint Pen Ampersand Concrete Stools Copper … [Read more...]

music monday: meant to be

jj heller

JJ Heller is having an incredible year! And it's only February. Last week she released her new single just in time for Valentine's Day. It's titled Meant To Be and is delightfully honest and refreshing. JJ was featured on Music Monday last month as well. If you haven't heard her New Year's song called This Year, check it out. You can listen to the full song here, but please support talented artists like JJ and go buy the single in … [Read more...]

geometric fox art

stitched geometric fox art

A couple weeks ago I shared my animal string art with you. I was just so in love with it and really wanted to do more. I decided to make another geometric animal, but this time it would be on a slightly larger scale. And I've sort of (a lot) been in love with foxes lately, so what came next just seemed natural. I bought a piece of material used for cross stitching. (Clearly, I don't cross stitch and know it's actual name.) I cut it to fit … [Read more...]

bob vila thumbs up contest


I am super excited to have another one of my projects featured on the Bob Vila Thumbs Up competition. Last year my concrete lamp was featured and it was such a fun experience. This time around it's my penny top tray. Click on over and start voting for your favorites! You can vote once per device per day until February 28th.         Until next time.... … [Read more...]