gallery wall reveal


So I’ve been mentioning my gallery wall quite a bit lately and I am oh so excited to finally have it finished! I am absolutely in love with it!

Before I share it with you I just want to let it be known that:

-If you like symmetry and frames evenly spaced apart then this will most likely give you a headache. Best if you come back later.

– I did not plan out the entire wall before I started. I don’t really work that way. I started by hanging the biggest frames first then just went from there all willy-nilly like.

– Every frame, with the exception of the scrolly Ung frame from IKEA, came from the thrift store. Yay for thrifting!

– And I’m crazy about it. Did I mention that?

Here it is…..




I love Real Simple magazine and especially love the quotes in the front. These are two of my favorites.






The record clock is perfect for the gallery wall!

If you missed it, you can find the tutorial here.




The chalkboard is one of my favorite features of the gallery wall. I love the idea of being able to change it  so easily.


I shared this stamp art yesterday.


If you love this quote as much as I do you can download it here for free.



Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time….

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  • Curtis Armstrong

    This is incredible! I love the pictures!

  • akdduke

    I love your gallery wall, especially the wheel with clipped pictures! So creative.

  • Lindsey Powers

    Love it! Every part is so creative! May I ask what color you painted your Ung frame?  I bought one at least 5 years ago, and I’m just now getting ideas for it, and I love that color!

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Hey Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by! I have wanted an Ung frame from IKEA forever but didn’t have anything specific to do with it so I was excited to finally have a reason for purchasing one. I used Rustoleum spray paint for the frame. The color is called Green Apple in the satin finish and I’m in love with it too. Drop by again.

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