glitter blast board


Yesterday I shared my Santa art projectAnd what you may not have noticed, because you were distracted by the awesome-ness of Santa, is the glitter board. 


When I was thinking about this Christmas vignette I knew I wanted it to sparkle and be a little bit glam. My original idea was to do a mosaic in half inch mirror tiles which would have been ridiculously awesome….but….because of the size of my board (it’s 50 x 30 in.) it would have cost me like a hundred bucks. Boo! Alright, onto plan B. (But I will to do a mirror tile mosaic someday.)

After priming and painting my mdf board, I taped around the edges. I didn’t want them to be glitterized.


Then, using Krylon’s Glitter Blast Silver Flash spray paint, I glittered it up. Once the glitter paint was dry, I sealed it with Krylon’s Glitter Blast sealer to prevent flaking.



The glitter board adds just the right amount of panache to my Christmas vignette.




Until next time….








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