mah na mah na


I’ve been so excited so share these with you!

Muppet Balls!

Aren’t they fantastic?!

After I made the superhero ornaments I started thinking about other possibilities. We had just seen The Muppets so I had them on the creative brain.

I love the Muppets.

I grew up in a Muppet home. …None of my family members were Muppets, we just watched a lot of The Muppet Show and Muppet movies.


I made these the same way I made the superhero ornaments so you can go here for the full tutorial.

I am nuts over these! I think I love them even more than the superhero ornaments.

Kermit the Frog.


Miss Piggy.


Fozzie Bear.


Bunson Honeydew.





I guess there’s not much more to say except….

Mah Na Mah Na!


Until next time…..


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  • Curtis Armstrong

    Am I a man or a muppet?

  • Robyn Braegger

    Just gotta say everything you do and in extension your whole house is equally as wonderful as the house we cookie exchanged in. And these ornaments are so so so fantastic!

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  • Steph Worts

    These (and the superhero ones) are fantastic!!  I think this technique would make super cute Angry Birds ornaments, too :-)

  • Sarah Johnson

    could you email me the picture you used for the stickers??

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Hey Sarah! I’d be happy to send you the Muppet images, just give me your e-mail address and I’ll get them to you. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Sarah Johnson Thanks Meg, I was having trouble finding some of the faces, and I too grew up in a “muppet house” :)

        • Jill Burdine Couper

          Can you also send me the images? Thank you so much! I would also love to find a Walter face, my youngest daughter loves Walter!

          • Guest

            Can I get the images too??? :o) Also, I am making the super hero ones – do you happen to have those images too? These are AWESOME!!!! Great Gifts! Thank you so much ~

          • kdel

            me too please, I love both sets of ornaments and think they would be a perfect gift for my niece and nephews:) would love the images if possible.

          • Lisa

            I want to make both sets, they are awesome. My kids ,and niece and nephews will go crazy for them. If you are still willing to email the images to do both sets I would greatly appreciate it if not there that ok they are still amazing email is annie107420003 at

      • Stephanie T

        Hi Meg! I just found these through pinterest; they’re wonderful! If you’re still sending images, could I have a copy? Did you make the images yourself? I would like to use these as office gifts, and could use a few more Muppets. Any advice would be appreciated :)

        • HappyLooksGoodonYou

          Hello Stephanie! Here’s the Muppet images. No, I didn’t make them myself. I did a lot of searching , mostly using Google image search, to find them. I suppose that would be my advice for trying to find some more. Good luck and happy crafting! Stop by again!

          • Anginet Page

            I’m sure when you posted this you didn’t know your life would consist of emailing everyone on the planet, but if you can find it in your heart, I would really love both sets too. <3 My email is You are an amazing crafter btw!!!

  • Sarah Johnson

    did you get a chance to email the pictures….these ornaments are sooo fantastic! cant wait to try!

  • Kimberly Farrell

    I saw you were sending out some of the images… any chance you can send me them??? :o) Also, I am making the super hero ones too –
    do you happen to have those images as well? These are AWESOME!!!! Great
    Gifts! Thank you so much ~

  • Kim Lareau

    If you’re still sending out the images, I would really appreciate a copy. klareau at gmail dot com. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Cooper

    Muppet Faces for me too! I loves these and they would make a great Christmas present for my friend’s daughter who had just fallen in love with the Muppets.

  • Sorrelle Dooley

    Can you please E-mail me the images? I just love the Muppets this is just a must for my tree thank you.

  • Thao P

    Can you email the images to me please? I absolutely love these. Thank you.

  • EL

    These are amazing! Are you able to email the images still?

  • Heidi Tracy

    Coming over from pinterest, I {heart} these so much!! If you are still emailing images, I would love to get those from you!! And the superhero ones as well, I have two young boys (and one not so young) who would flip over those!! :) I am loving the suggestion a reader had about the angry birds, too. I wonder if it could be done with star wars somehow?? Thanks for sharing your creativity, you’re awesome! :) tictak411 (at) yahoo (dot) com.
    P.S. I pinned your doctor who bottle caps and am planning on doing some for Christmas gifts for this year!!

  • kdel

    I want to make both sets, they are awesome. My niece and nephews will go bonkers for them. If you are still willing to email the images to do both sets I would greatly appreciate it; if not there still amazing!

  • Rachel Teasley

    Can you send me the images. I have the ornaments aready painted I just need the faces. I am so excited, my husband is going to love these! Thank you.

  • Erin Dardeno

    If you’re still sending out these images I would love both sets. I just found your blog, stumbled here from Pinterest, and I think you may have just saved my Christmas. I’ve been stressing over how to get gifts for some family members and funds are very tight right now. These will make amazing gifts! Going to look for the Doctor Who bottle caps someone mentioned now, my son loves that show. Thanks so much! Erin

  • Janelle

    what like colors are they like a deep green or somthing

  • Janelle

    What colors are they

  • kim

    Can you please please send me those images. thanks a million

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  • FourLaneHighway

    Could I have these images please? I haven’t had any luck googling!