paper chandelier


Hello to you all.

I spent last week visiting Alison and as a result of all the ridiculous amounts of fun we had, not to mention some pretty late nights, I’m suffering from the biggest fun hangover of my life.

But I regret nothing!!

It was so fantastic! The fact that our husbands are also best friends boosts the fun factor exponentially. We were all having so much fun that we stayed an extra day. If we had stayed another day it may have killed us all. The problem with living 600 miles away from each other is when we’re able to get together we have to cram four months of funtivities into one week. Among the highlights; a superhero party, peep dioramas, gaming tournaments and this fantastic paper chandelier that Alison and I made.


Here’s how to make one.

I picked up some brass rings from Hobby Lobby. These are perfect for this project and only cost a few bucks for all three. Honestly, I don’t know what their intended use is suppose to be. Maybe this. Who knows.


We covered each ring with ribbon just by wrapping it around and securing it with tape at the ends. You could wrap it with yarn or even paint them if you wanted to go that route. Of course you could just leave them brass too, but we’re just not the brassy kind of gal types.



Once we had the rings covered we tied them together using white yarn. We tried to get them as even as we could, but they’re certainly not perfect. And if yours aren’t perfect, don’t sweat it. Once you attach the paper circles you can’t tell if it’s a little uneven.


Using my handy dandy circle punch I punched out circles and Alison sewed them together.


We cut strands of six circles per strand.


We used plain old scotch tape to attach the paper strands to the chandelier.


The tape should be long enough to wrap around the ring then attach to the back side of the circle.



It’s easiest to start from the bottom then work your way up.


And here’s the finished product.




It looks so fabulous in Alison apartment, I think I may need to make one for my house.


Until next time….





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  • Sandy Lesley

    do you know about how many circles you cut to make this paper chandelier? 

    • HappyLooksGoodonYou

      Hey Sandy! Thanks for stopping by! Ok, this paper chandelier took 348 circles. Of course you alter that by how many circles long each strand is and the size of your circles.


  • Michelle Maple Sanchez

    Too stinkin’ cute!  Are these like 2″ circles?  Great project for my girlies this winter here in Colorado when it’s even too cold to go sledding!

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Hey Michelle! Actually they are 1 1/2 inch circles, but 2 inch circles would work great too! I suppose any shape would work….hmmmm….triangles maybe?
      Stop by again!

  • Kimberly Loren

    I love this project SO SO much!! It’s beautiful. I am definitely going to try my hand at making one. Can you tell me, did you use regular paper weight, or cardstock to punch the circles out of? And are they 2 circles sewn together, or is it just double sided paper? Thank you for sharing!

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Hello Kimberly! Thanks for stopping by. I also have a bit of a crush on this paper chandelier. I love all paper projects. This is cardstock and I sewed 2 circles back to back, but only because the paper was one-sided. I’ve made a few of these and used double-sided paper so it was just single circles sewn together. Easier and less time consuming. These circles are 1 1/2 inch, but I imagine just about any size would work. Stop by again and happy holidays!

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  • Carol Funicelli

    This is FABULOUS! Can’t wait to make one — thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jenn Burns

    Hello, id like to know the size of the circle hole punch you used? (How big arts your circles)?

    • Meg

      Pretty sure they’re 2 inch circles.

  • Crystal Kueker

    I was wondering what size rings you used?

    • Meg

      I can’t remember for sure & I don’t have the chandelier anymore, but I’m thinking it was a 16 inch, a 12 inch & an 8 inch.

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  • Lakshita

    Wonderfully idea

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  • meghan

    Hi what size brass rings did you use?

    • Meg

      Hello! It’s been a while since I made this one….I think I used an 8 inch and a 6 inch. I’ve made a handful of paper chandeliers and used all different sizes. They all turn out great!

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