striped metallic centerpiece


How about an easy, last-minute Thanksgiving centerpiece?


Here’s what you need.


I started by drawing an outline of the 1 x 6 onto a piece of fabric.


Then I marked out lines for the tape. I used a friction pen so once I had the tape on I did a quick once over with the iron and the lines disappeared.


This baby is ready for some spray paint!


I love the Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint. I’ve been using them a lot this fall. For this project, it was the Caramel Latte.


A couple quick coats of spray paint and here’s what we’ve got.


Once the paint was dry, it was time to pull off the tape. I love the metallic shimmer!


Using a staple gun, I attached the fabric to the bottom of the board.


Then I stuck on some felt pads to prevent any scratches on the table.


And the striped metallic centerpiece is finished!

How about some fun votives to sit atop?

All you need for these little beauties is some tea light holders and an Elmer’s paint pen.


I love that it packs a punch without completely taking over the table. Perfect.

Now, could I have just bought some striped fabric? Sure. But sometimes I like doing a project that uses supplies I already have. I spent zero money on this because I already had everything that I used. And let’s face it, that just feels good.




Until next time….

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