superhero ornaments

When I was a kid, my mom had a Christmas tradition of giving my brother and I each a new ornament every year. They were always very fitting of our personalities and hobbies. It was something I looked forward to the most every holiday season. When we’d put our tree up my mom would hand a small package to each of us and, even though we knew it was an ornament, the excitement was almost too much.

My mom never stopped giving us ornaments, it didn’t matter how old we got. She use to say, “You’re never too old for Christmas.”

And I believe that 100%.

When Curtis and I got married, we continued this wonderful tradition. It is my absolute favorite Christmas tradition in the history of ever.

Putting up our tree has special meaning. Each ornament that is unwrapped is a memory full of love and happiness. I still have my ornaments from when I was a young child and to most they may seem ugly and weird. But for me they symbolize not only the wonderful holiday memories I have, but the incredible efforts my mom went to in making sure that our Christmas was always special and unique.

After nine years of spending the holiday season together, our Christmas tree is sporting some pretty awesome Batman and Star Wars ornaments…there’e even an Indiana Jones in there.

And of course, lots of Mickey Mouse.

These are Curt’s ornaments this year.

I usually only give him one, but you can’t just make one superhero ornament. I mean, c’mon.

He about died when he opened the box. He absolutely loves them!


And they’re “super” easy to make. Ha ha. (terrible, I know)

Ok, so I started by finding the superhero logos I wanted by doing a Google image search. I printed and cut them out.


Then took some clear glass ornaments and took the toppers off.


Using acrylic paint, I poured paint in the ornaments in the corresponding superhero colors; grey, blue, red and green.

Making sure to get all the inside of the ornament well coated.


Then I poured out any excess paint and  left the ornaments upside down for a day or two so all the paint could drain out and dry.

Hint: empty toilet paper rolls cut in half work perfectly as ornament drying stands.


Once the paint was dry I stuck on the superhero logos. I used my little sticker maker, but glue would work just fine too.


Put those toppers back on and the super balls are ready to hang!

Only problem is now I’ll have to come up with a really killer ornament for next year.

Eh, I’ll worry about that later.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear about them.


Until next time…..



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  • Lisa

    OMG! My husband would love the Cap ornament. They look very professional.

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Thanks Lisa! I appreciate the support. They were fun and easy to make, you should make some for the hubs!

  • Katie Allred

    Love this idea! I would love for you to link up to my new
    party, Monday
    Myriad Linky Party

    Also, do you button swap?

  • amieirwin

    Awesome!  My boys would LOVE these!  I can’t wait to grab some ornaments now (I keep putting it off for some reason)  And your ornament tradition is beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo party.. can’t wait to see what you share next!

  • Gail Blundon

    do you use the same colour blue superman and captain america?

  • Erin Hritz

    I love this idea, but the stickers are not laying flat and are creasing up. How did you do this? 

  • Patricia Torres

    I simply cannot believe… how you’ve transformed these!! This
    is such a stunning tutorial… Looks so easy.. doable.. and what a lovely gift to
    treasure forever.. 

  • Laura Silva

    I LOVE these. And the fact they were super easy to make? Even better! 

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  • Jerri

    What a great idea! I can think of so many possibilities for this!

    I’d love for you to stop by today and link up at my Friday Favorites party!  Today is a special Christmas edition with a giveaway!

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  • Angela Pippinger

    I am so glad you posted this! I found a link to the post on Pinterest and I am thrilled at the possibility of giving these to my son, nephew, hubs, and several of our geeky friends!

  • Celia Garcia

    I really love these! I’m making them for my grandson. Would you tell us the brand and name of each paint you used. We did buy a blue paint but its not as bright. Also, can you direct us to the site where you printed the superhero logos from. Thank you!

    • HappyLooksGoodonYou

      Hey Celia! Ok, as far as the paint goes, I just used what I already had on hand. All of the paint I used was acrylic and the brand is Delta Ceramcoat. (found pretty much anywhere; Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby) As far as the colors; they didn’t have fancy names. The blue color was called “Blue” on the bottle, same with the green, red and gray. I didn’t find all the superhero logos on a single site. I did Google image searches for “superman logo” “batman logo” “green lantern logo” “captain america logo” and “the flash logo”. I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Christy Mattingly

    Fantastic! I have five sons and they will love these! Thank you for sharing!

  • Anna M.

    They’re actually pretty cute in a way.

  • Amanda

    Do you have to use glass ornaments?  Can you use plastic ones?  I have two cats that love to climb my tree and bust the ornaments off it.

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Hey Amanda! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve never tried using plastic ornaments, but I would imagine they’d work just as well….especially with your playful felines. 

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  • Brandie

    This is great. How did you get the stickers to lay flat on a rounded surface with out them bubbleing up?

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Hello Brandie! I’ve been asked this question a lot. First, I think it’s important to print the logos out on regular printer paper. Anything thicker, like cardstock, wouldn’t work. Also, the logos can’t be too big. Mine are around an inch to an inch and a half. Then I just used my fingernail to smooth the logos onto the ornaments. I know it’s nothing fancy, but that’s what worked for me. On a couple of them there is a little pucker on the logo, but it’s small and you can’t really see it. Good luck! 

  • Claire Kingsbury

    What a cute blog!  I love it!

  • Michelle Galloway

    I have the same tradition w my kids. My older boyz have moved away but everytime i put thier ornaments up i remember them.

  • booturtle

    Love this! Thanks for sharing. I’ve pinned it for my advent activities with the kids this December. 

  • Tracy Dinucci Dayton

    I love this!!!!!!! My son isn’t into superheros, but I’m so going to do this with Lego minifigures – he will love it!!! Thank you!

    • Meg

      They would be so cute with LEGO figures on them! I love that! I also made some with Muppets on them, they are probably my favorite.Thanks for stopping by, come back again!

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  • Blue Aventurine

    Thank you so much for this post! Great directions and tips. Your replies to peoples comments is wonderfully helpful too. I will, without a doubt, become the favorite auntie this Christmastime!

    BTW, I found you on Pinterest.

  • kevin logan

    did you thin the paint down before you put it in the ornament? and about how much went into each one?

  • Brittany S

    I really want to make these ornaments but I do not have a sticker maker … what glue would be best to use?

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  • hannah

    I cant find suitable clear baubles anywhere! Anyone have any ideas?!

  • Nicole

    I made these for my brother n law and they looked awesome, on day one, I am going to give them to him for Christmas. The only problem I am having is now a few days later the paint did not stick to the inside but has pooled at the bottom. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could have done wrong? Thanks – Nicole

    • April Johnson

      Mine did this also.. No idea why.

      • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

        Hey April. As I suggested to Nicole, I think the paint wasn’t allowed enough drying time. The ornaments need to dry for at least 3 or 4 days in order to prevent the paint pool. Good luck.

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  • Heather Robertson

    Wonderful! We are a whole family of super hero fans!
    My favorite Christmas tradition is one my mom started and we have continued. We get to open one gift on Christmas Eve…and it’s always pajamas! We always knew but like you, we were super excited to see what the pajamas would look like. My mom later explained that she did that so that the Christmas morning photos would look cute. I started doing this with my kids too and they all expect it but look forward to it as much as I did! My sister does it with her kids too. All of our kids say that they’ll do it with their kids as well!

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      Hey Heather! I love this Christmas tradition! My mom also use to give us pajamas on Christmas Eve. It is a tradition that my husband & I have continued & will continue with our own children someday. I love Christmas traditions, they are what make the holidays.


  • Brittney Card

    Hi! These are so fun!! I want to make mine look as professional as possible and I think using a sticker maker would be the best route to go, but I don’t have one. Would you please tell me what kind of sticker maker you have? Thank you very much!

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      My sticker maker is called Create-A-Sticker by Xyron. My model is the 150. The only difference between the model numbers is the size. You can get different “strengths” of adhesive, permanent is what I used for these ornaments. Good luck, I hope this is helpful.

  • Brittney Card

    I have tried everything and can’t get the logos to go on without completely bubbling up.. I even tried making them incredibly small (which looked bad) and they still puckered and wouldn’t lie flat… Also, using glue (E6000 is what I used) discolored the paper and the whole thing is just a disaster.. Do you have any ideas or suggestions because I’ve already colored the ornaments and now I’m stuck with no decoration.. I could try getting a Xyron sticker maker and see if that works like it did for you, but I’m not terribly optimistic since that doesn’t do anything but add adhesive to the back, it seems like the image will still pucker and not lie flat.. What size ornaments did you use? Do you know the inches?

    • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

      I’m sorry you’re having such troubles with the logos. My ornaments are two and a half inches and the logos are about an inch to an inch and a half. I would avoid using liquid glue as it makes paper wrinkle and bubble. If I went the glue route I would use a simple glue stick. I’ve made three sets of these ornaments and have used my Xyron sticker maker for all of them and it has worked very well for me. Also, I think it’s important to print the logos out on regular printer paper. Anything thicker, like cardstock, wouldn’t work. I just used my fingernail to smooth the logos onto the ornaments. I know it’s nothing fancy, but that’s what worked for me. I hope this helps, please let me know if you have further questions.


      • Guano Erica

        Hey Meg,
        I would love to buy two sets of these from you. This would make my five year old daughter do happy. If you sell on eBay I’ll buy right away.


        • Meg and AJ Happy Looks Good on

          I appreciate your interest in the superhero ornaments, but I can’t sell them. I don’t own licensing rights to Marvel or DC Comics.
          Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays!


          • Tommy

            Hey Meg,

            Okay how about this, If you make 2 sets of these, i will send you a Christmas card and oops! oh dear i seem to have accidentally included a tenner or two. And oh no, i seem to be driving right by your house and the baubles are outside on the porch with a note saying free to a good home?

            Gotta love loop holes.
            I love this idea but i am not arty enough for this so any way around you selling them would be amazing :))


    • Kim Swann-Gibson

      did you try using mod podge?

  • Stephanie

    FANTASTIC DIY and inexpensive idea for my super hero obsessed boyfriend! Thanks!!! :)

  • amy

    These are so darn cute and looks pretty easy!

  • Kerry Edwards

    Do you think you could use plastic ornaments for this? My kids are still pretty little for glass ornaments.

    • Meg

      I’ve never tried using plastic, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work.


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  • gwendolyn roark

    I love love love these! Thank you so much for the idea. they are perfect for my superhero loving 5 year old. I made a slightly different version with glitter. I gave you credit for the idea and a link back. Here’s my version. I’d love to know what you think.

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  • John Watkins

    My wife and I love these we are trying to make a few sets for our friends, we have everything we need, but we still have a problem. The acrylic paint never really drys and then it starts to settle in the bottom and leaves holes and patches in the ornament. We’ve tried “lots of paint”, cleaning the inside with vinegar (suggested from another website)…Any ideas would be very helpful, thanks John

  • Sarah

    These are super cute!! I’ve included you in a post found here: 25 DIY Christmas Ornaments

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  • Kristin Jann-Fischer

    I’ve started making these! Paint take forever to dry, but it’s still early! I love them. I just learned the difficulty of applying the logos, but I won’t give up hope. I think it’ll actually be worth buying a sticker maker. Anyway, thank you SO much for this idea. Best DIY I’ve come across in a while :)

    • Meg

      Yes, I think the sticker maker is worth it. I’m happy to hear that you love them. I’d love to see them when you finish, send me a picture.

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  • Kylie Clark

    I would pay for a set of these, are you selling at all?

    • Meg

      Hello Kylie. Thank you for your interest in these ornaments, but I’m not selling any right now. Sorry.


  • Vanessa

    I just made these for my boyfriend the comic book geek! They came out so good, he’s going to be ecstatic! Painting the inside was a bit annoying. It takes a lot of paint, and then you have to let it drip back out. Some came out better than others, but overall.. AWESOME idea!!

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  • Megan Bettle

    Hi, my mom had the same tradition when i was a kid and i still continue doing it, and now i have two kids of my own, i now have 27 different ornaments from 27 different years, plus ones i made as a kid and ones my kids have made too.

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  • Tiffany

    This was Awesome!We have the same tradition in my Family and every year me and my son pick a hallmark superhero ornament to go on the tree so it is full of superheroes.I went and got the paint from Micheal’s today and they had a book of stickers for $2 that actually had all the logo stickers plus wonder woman.Well for dc characters anyways.So instead of Cap we have wonder woman.the ornaments half off at big lots. Me and my 5yr old had fun doing this together and also made a set for my dad thank you for sharing.

  • Rachel C

    I tried these but the paint keeps cracking or there are whole in the paint. any tips or explanation?

  • Miasong23

    Where did you find those clear ornaments??? I have looked everywhere and can’t find a single one.

    • Dan Long

      Try Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, craft stores. Call first. If they don’t have, ask if they know where.

  • Kristan

    OMG! I made these for my son’s ornament exchange!!! HOLY SMOKES THEY’RE AMAZING!!!!! Found you on Pinterest! I used Modgepodge, because the only ornaments that were clear that I could find on 12/20 (procrastinator? nahhh not me!) were suuuuuper small, and with the glue stick the logos were popping right up. THANK YOU!! The only thing I would say to anyone trying this is stick to plain old red, green, blue and GRAY! Do NOT attempt silver! OMG.. It SUCKS it doesn’t coat thickly enough and then doesn’t stick to the sides…. pain!!! Gray is fabulous!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  • Brenda Le
  • Alissa M Gray

    Meg, we have this tradition in our family. My grandmother started it and I still have every ornament that she gave me. My mom picked up where her mom left off (Gma died in 1991). Every ornament tells a story.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Nikki P

    LOVE these! Thanks for the tutorial. You made it so easy to follow. I
    made a set of these for my nephew. I posted a pic here on my facebook
    If that doesn’t work, just go to

    BTW – I happen to have white address label on hand, so I printed out one logo on each label and used that instead of sticker paper or glue. It worked pretty good.


  • Superhero
  • Christian

    Approximately what size are the stickers?

  • Tabitha Pye

    Those are just plain awesome! May have to make these with my boys!

  • Alanna Wilson

    I made christmas ornaments this way this year. The paint keeps leaving clear spots then I turn the ornament and the paint covers that spot but leaves some other spot. I finally had them all looking really good after drying for 2 1/2 days put the toppers back on then the paint moved again leaving clear spots. Its been drying over 3 days now and the paint is still moving. :( I used plastic bulbs and acrylic paint and I rinsed them first with isopropyl alcohol as I’ve read to do on many blogs and let it dry before coating with the paint. help?

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  • Nicole Jordan-Dunn

    I just used glass bulbs and I bought Folk Art acrylic paint from Walmart. I thought it would be easier since they’re squirt bottles. So far they’re all coated really nicely. Drying upside down right now. The folk art enamel acrylic makes the ornaments heavier from what I noticed but it’s a really nice thick coating. The last one I used brilliant acrylic from folk art. It spread quicker and the ornament feels lighter bc most of the excess paint came out when turned upside down. Hopefully they stay looking as good as they do now. :)

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  • Gabrielle

    I’ve had a set of clear bulbs for a couple of years (after Christmas clearance!) waiting for just the right project. This is definintly it! So cute, thanks for sharing!

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  • Katie

    Hey! I scanned the comments and don’t think I saw this topic covered- is
    there any way to speed up the paint-drying time? Hair dryer, etc? I’m
    trying to make them tonight and put the stickers on tomorrow morning. I
    know it’s my fault for waiting, but is there a temporary fix that would
    result in me having them by tomorrow????

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  • Samantha

    My brothers would love these. So I am currently making them tonight but I’m stuck on the stickers. Any ideas on what to do? The stickers I have aren’t sticking. Thanks!

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