diy metallic confetti plates

holiday confetti plates

Aren't these metallic confetti plates the funnest thing you've ever seen?! I love dishes. Love. And I know they can get pricey. These diy plates and glasses were so fun and simple to make and the best part? They were super inexpensive. I bought all my plates and stemless wine glasses at the dollar store. You'll need some glass paint and a little round sponge brush. I got all of these at Michael's. Squirt a little blob of … [Read more...]

gold & copper faux fruit

copper & gold faux fruit

This little project is so simple and inexpensive. Pick up some fake fruit. These came from the dollar store. I did also find some better looking pomegranates from Tai Pan that I added to the mix. Using a disposable brush, cover the fruit with gold & copper liquid leaf. The once sad looking fruit are now beautiful metallic decorations that can last throughout the entire season. And it took less than 20 minutes.   Until … [Read more...]

concrete apple

DIY concrete apple

How the crap are we already a week into November?! I had big blogging plans for this week, but it just flew by too fast. Ah, well. My triangle shelves deserve to have some awesome stuff displayed in them. And what's more awesome than a concrete apple?! Not much, my friends, not much. I found this plastic apple for $7.00. It comes apart into two pieces. I'm not entirely sure what its actual intended purpose is; candy dish? … [Read more...]

simple metallic art

DIY create art

  I've been sharing all the gooey details of our office makeover this week. As I mentioned in a previous post, our main goal for the office was to be a space that both Curtis and I could really get our creative juices flowing. I thought a little DIY inspiration was in order. I LOVE the simplicity of this art. I first did this project on canvas, but canvas has a hard time showcasing the shimmering awesome-ness of metallic spray … [Read more...]

diy concrete pots


My love of succulents and my love of concrete has finally collided and exploded into a plethora of these fantastic concrete pots. Oh, and let's not forget my total obsession with gold liquid leaf. It was inevitable, I suppose. One of the great things about these pots, besides how amazing they look, is how easy and inexpensive they are to make. I like to buy the buckets of Quikrete from Lowe's. A 20 pound bucket is around $10.00. And I … [Read more...]

diy cork mouse pad

diy cork mouse pad

Hi-ya! I've got a simple little project today for making your own mouse pad out of cork. Start with a sheet of cork. I used a cork placemat that I picked up from IKEA. Draw your mouse pad shape onto the cork. I made mine rectangle, but you could make yours a square or circle.   I wanted to add a little metallic love to my mouse pad so out came the liquid leaf. Let's be honest, I pretty much look for any excuse to … [Read more...]

concrete gems: magnets & pushpins

concrete gems: magnets & pushpins

These little concrete magnets and pushpins make my heart sing. These were incredibly fun and easy to make. All you need to make some of your own is concrete, a silicone mold (I bought mine here on Etsy), magnets, pushpins and liquid leaf. Mix up your concrete in a plastic cup. I added a little extra water so it was a bit thinner and easier to work with. Spoon the concrete into the molds. Gently shaking and tapping the mold helps the … [Read more...]

meet manchester, manny for short

gold faux deer head

Meet Manchester. Manny has been with us since last winter, but he didn't always look so regal. This was Manny when I first got him. And to be honest, his beady eyes give me the jibblies. He promptly received a white paint job. He no longer freaked me out and looked quite handsome. I loved him. But then we painted our front room white, which I love more than words can describe. Buuut, Manny just blended into the … [Read more...]

concrete avocado airplant holder

concrete avocado airplant holder

In regards to concrete, I'm not sure if things are getting out of hand or getting really awesome. I've been playing with concrete for a year now and the love affair is as strong as ever. Here's the latest. If you want to check out past concrete projects just click here. For this little project you'll need some concrete (I use Quikrete found at Lowe's), an avocado skin and pit. You need a fresh avocado skin, they do not keep. Fill your … [Read more...]

block font art

block font art

The absolute best time of the year is upon us. Autumn. Glorious, beautiful autumn. The time for crisp mornings, apple cider, football, sweaters, and being at home. There is something about fall that makes me want to nest (I know I'm not the only one). And I love it. I love being at home. This quote by Jane Austen is perfection. It seems to fit wonderfully with the feel of autumn. I created this using my Silhouette cutting machine. It was … [Read more...]